Saturday, April 24, 2010

ES news

During our theme Japan the grade 1-2 students learned about Japanese culture, traditions, games, food and where Japan is in the world. They read folktales from Japan, one of which was Joji and the Dragon. For their final presentation the students performed a theatrical adaptation of this book, which included reciting a play and a song. The teachers in the music and art departments helped the students create their own backdrop and learn a new song to make the entire play a cultural success. The play was very well received by parents, teachers, and fellow students alike.

Suchitra Chettri
Grade 1-2 classroom teacher

The preschoolers and kindergarteners zoomed into the solar system, space and the planets for our theme last month. We changed a part of our classroom with the sun, stars, all the planets and asteroids in orbit. The students got good exposure around the theme and took part in many activities. The theme culminated in their play called ‘The Red Planet’, where they took off in a rocket to Mars to meet aliens there and then they come back to Earth. They also sang theme related songs and a Tamil song about it. Each student had also made a model of a planet and spoke about it with confidence to the other students of ES. I am sure they had a blast of a learning experience!!!

Rhadika Sagar
PreSchool / Kindergarten classroom teacher