Monday, August 31, 2009

Principal's message

The first month of this semester has been a particular Kodai mix of multiple tasks (some challenging, some straight forward), beautiful weather with heavy rain (very welcome) and that wonderful sense of purpose which always fills the school when students and staff return to pick up their tasks for a new academic year..

The last four years have seen many changes here at KIS and I am now pleased to report that we are entering a phase of consolidation. Our student numbers have stabilized at the Council’s limit of 600, our academic results were again outstanding and our focus can move from growth to establishing the standards and systems needed to properly maintain the school. We have welcomed many new students and staff and I am delighted to report that they have all settled in and become part of this community. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to our community in the hope that they will find this a very rewarding place to be.

I have had a very busy month which included an emergency trip back to Australia as my mother had a serious heart attack. I am happy to report that she is recovering and despite a chronic condition, is now back home. In addition, I have been managing the process whereby the Council has been interviewing potential candidates for the post of Principal. This process will take another few weeks to conclude and I will be reporting in the next newsletter about the progress. You may be interested to know that we had over 60 applications for the post.

This last month has seen the emergence of the H1Ni virus in India and those of you with children in the school will be aware of the steps put in place to try and limit our exposure to this virus.

This year we hope to finalize our planning permission for building the new dorms and continue with the process for implementation of the PYP in the Elementary School. This, along with the review of our IB program and a continued push to make sure that our professional development supports our staff, are the measures that are in place in order to provide the best teaching we can for our students.

May I take this opportunity to wish all parents and students, old and new, a very successful year.

Yours sincerely,
Geoffrey Fisher


Recent happenings - Alumni update

The KIS community has been experiencing the flu for the past month. It has been a very busy month for the Dish staff. Dr Malini Devanandan (Class of 1986) and the nurses have worked hard to keep us all safe and return us to health. The Dish has been overflowing and the KMU set up to handle the overflow. Precautionary measures were taken to reduce the possibility of our community picking up infections and in particular the H1N1 virus. KIS was advised by Dr Prof Mathan, KIS Council Chair and Medical Advisor to the Central Government of India. Students were kept on campus, bussing them on and back to off-campus dorms for breakfast and after dinner. Visitors were limited. Alumni and admissions parents and children were given guided tours when lessons were underway, only to areas void of students and staff, and were not allowed to enter buildings. Staff and day scholars were advised to limit their interaction with the larger Kodai community and everyone was told to report to Dr Malini prior to coming to school if any members of the family, domestic help or associates showed flu-like symptoms. As of today, it is good to report that the numbers of students in the Dish have dropped and mattresses have been removed from the KMU. The campus is still under cautionary measures.
With all of the disruption of trying to keep 580 students, 150 professional staff, 40 support staff and 160 operational staff on campus, healthy and our program on schedule as per the calendar, it has been difficult on teachers trying to maintain their lesson plans with students out sick for various durations and times. However, we have survived and everyone is in tact!

Class camps are still going on, safely out at Poondi in the beautiful outdoors. The Writer’s workshop was held at the beginning of August in combination with American College, and hosted visiting author Usha KR.

Independence Day, a holiday falling on a Saturday, shared by India and Korea, celebrated the flag hoisting at the Flag Green, followed by an interesting and engaging speech by Mr A Venkatesh, District Forest Officer of Kodaikanal, dances, music, other speeches and finally tea and coffee, ladoos and vadai. The boys soccer team left to participate in the Ooty tournament. Track & Field and girls volleyball teams continue to practice and will travel to Ooty for their tournaments at the end of the month. Staff are practicing for their recital this weekend. TOK (Theory of Knowledge) presentations have been scheduled this week. Grade 10 students are busy working on their MYP (Middle Years Program) personal project. Teachers in grades K to 5 are preparing and learning about the PYP (Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate), which KIS hopes to become a part of in the near future. Hiking season is into more serious hikes, with high schoolers going on B and C level hikes (D are the hardest). To date, approximately 300 students have gone on at least one hike. We are now narrowing down with the serious hikers numbering about 50 from grades 9-12, 30 from grades 6-8 and some 15-20 staff chaperoning on a weekly basis.

A fourth principal candidate will be visiting KIS this week to meet SMT (Senior Management Team) members, students and staff, followed by an interview with the Council of Directors in Chennai. He will be considered along with two other candidates who visited Kodai in early August and we hope for a decision in the near future, and pray that a suitable leader will be found for KIS.

Julie Nichol Stengele (Class of 1980)
Alumni Officer


Sunday, August 30, 2009

KIS ranked 2 in top international schools in India

According to the latest survey on India's most respected schools published by the Education World magazine, KIS has been ranked the second best international school in India based on responses and opinions of a careflly selected sample of 2026 socio economic catergory A parents, teachers, Principals and eminent educationists across 15 cities in India. The schools were rated on 12 parameters, academic repuitation, co-curricular education, sports, quality of eachers, teacher-pupil ratio, value for money, leadership / management quality, parental involvement, infrastructure provisioin, quality of alumni, integrity / honesty and selectivity in the admissions process. KIS fared particularly well on several parameters including quality of teachers, quality of leadership and management etc.

The results in detail will be featured as the cover story in the September issue of Education World.


Admissions update

We’re looking to further the diversity of the student body at KIS. And because we know you’re the school’s best advocates, we’d very much like you to “talk us up”!

Currently we have 27 nationalities represented, but would like to encourage greater enrolment from other countries. If you have contacts or are yourself in a position with connections to avenues that could be interested in seeking admission for family, friends or colleagues at a residential, co-educational, college prep school in the hills of Southern India, we’d be happy to hear from you.

The Admissions office has promotional packs and DVDs, but most of this information is readily available on the website If you would like to help get information out to prospective families, but need some suggestions on how to do this, please contact us.
Helen Haeusler
Admissions Coordinator


Ganga compound update

Opening scripture was read by Rev Raja Krishnamoorthy: “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1

The dedication and opening of the new 7 / 8 classroom block on Ganga (K-8) campus as the perfect start to the first day of classes at KIS. Before grade 7 and 8 students entered the classroom for the very first time, Chaplain Raja Krishnamoorthy led staff, students, parents and maintenance contractors in the above scripture reading and prayer dedicating the building to God. This opening was the culmination of strenuous planning on the part of administrators, teachers, maintenance staff and contractors. Throughout numerous days and nights of planning and building, this team exempl ified one of KIS’ foundational scriptures from Psalm 133 found in our diary: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. For there the Lord
bestows his blessing, even life evermore.” Psalm 133:1-3

God blessed all involved in the building project with the strength, wisdom and enduring faith to complete what seemed impossible. Before the MIDCO (Middle School Student Council) members led the students into the building, they were challenged to lead their classes with the same strength and faith to make this year a transformational year of learning at KIS for all students. Most importantly, we thank God for his blessing on this 7 / 8 project. Next, we want to show gratitude to Mr Bheeman, Maintenance Manager, for his fearless leadership of the building team including maintenance crews and contractors. Lastly, thank you to members of the SMT (Senior Management Team) who worked together with Mr Bheeman over the summer holiday to make this dedication and opening possible on the first day of school.
Brian Nelsen
K-8 Coordinator


CARE week

Why do we care? Because we can!
CARE week began on 3 August 2009 with a whole school assembly on the Alumni courts. After an initial address by Rev Raja Krishnamoorthy, the MYP grade 6 class sang a "Care" song written by our own Zizi Roberts, ES music teacher, who accompanied the students on guitar. "We've got the whole world in our hands" had everyone singing along, presented by Grade 7 students with Ms Dash leading and Ms Zizi on guitar.

CARE week is always dedicated to those who make our lives easier in KIS, mainly Food Services and the Maintenance department. All the Food Services staff came to the front of the assembly and introduced themselves, each one getting a round of applause from their appreciative audience.

After the PEERs introduced themselves they presented a skit to show the students of KIS what sort of problems they may run into in school and to offer help to any students who seek it.

Ms Dash, in her usual flamboyant way, then presented a rap song about "caring" she had written herself to a much enthused audience.

Events that took place throughout the week included:

  • Tree planting on Ganga & Highclerc campuses

  • Raksh Bandhan ~Rakhi~ day

  • Lunch for Maintenance staff hosted by NHS & PEERs

  • MYP job shadowing

  • Youth Rise film honoring our support staff

  • CARE week film

  • Kodai clean up including hikers, SoEx, PEERs, NHS, CAS, students & staff

  • Dorm skits - Why do we care?

  • CARE week worship

  • Food distribution at Sunday market and around Kodai

  • CARE week Ultimate Frisbee celebration

We care, because we can.......


Care Week reflections

If we don't, who will?
We are the world, we are the children :)

There are many of us who are bringing attention to simple, small things everyone can do, like separating cutlery in the dining hall and not wasting food. There are people picking up other people's trash and reminding the litterbugs to throw their garbage into waste containers. MIDCO has decided to purchase more waste containers for the Ganga Campus. In class, I explain why certain kinds of comments and behavior are not acceptable. We need to take care of each other's hearts. :)

Care week is all about caring for animals, our family, people, friends etc.
Caring is a good thing to do - I helped the SoEx department make rakhis and posters and I felt really proud of myself.
My friends helped me and the SoEx department too.
When we help others they feel good and you feel good. Anyone can change the world bycaring for the environment and others. Caring can be done anywhere and you can do lots of things by caring, like helping your Mom and Dad or picking up rubbish.
Neha Venkatesan grade 5.
During care week i participated in our dorm skit. My dorm came third!!! I also went for a hike, during which I collected garbage for about half an hour. I also sold rakhis though i don't think that counts as part of care week! All in all care week was a good experience but I don't think it should be restricted to one week. Caring for other people / things is part of our everyday life and should be done everyday.
Mayin Gupta grade 11

Of course my response to "WHY DO WE CARE?" has to be - "BECAUSE WE CAN!" I really enjoyed being part of CARE week by helping the 6th graders to learn their "Friends" song. We talked about what it means to be a friend and I was reminded that being a good friend and having good friends is what truly make us wealthy. I enjoyed contributing to this year's CARE week rap, inspired by Mr. Plymale, who is always an excellent Muse. I took extra time to notice the detail with which our support staff members take care of us. That sort of care, which we tend to sometimes take for granted, is truly a blessing in our lives and should be a constant reminder of how much we should care for others with grace and commitment, as they care for us. I was truly inspired by the dorm skits and I just hope that the examples used in the skits are not just dramatic illusions, but are actually put to practice. This is the true challenge that CARE week calls us to rise to. I am grateful to be at a school so involved in our community and to be inspired by so many around me. Thank you to everyone for helping me to be part of this CARING CIRCLE!
Miss Dash

I served lunch for Maintenance and ayahs who always work to keep our school clean and make it a better place for us. NHS and PEERs worked together to do their best to serve them lunch. Everyone enjoyed the food and I could see from their smile that they had a great meal. I was happy to see them having a good time.

Dong-Gyu Lee grade 11






An activity was hosted during CARE wek in which 18 dorms took part by participating in skits. Sherwood won first place, having our main theme on how to care for people and we used examples of people in KIS. More often, we take people for granted.... like our maintenance workers, our ayahs, our cooks and even our security guards.

The skit was divided into four parts, an ayah sweeping, a dishwasher in the dining hall, a security guard and a nerdy girl student. The four scenes were acted in a way showing how these people are sometimes treated accompanied by the soundtrack This is your Life by Switchfoot. This is your life, are you who you want to be? The kind of person who cares for nothing but him or herself?

Our next scene had everyone frozen on stage, acting out a different manner. The Angel touches everyone and we come into a realization of things. Sherowod ends the skit by singing Heal the World by Michael Jackson. We were rewarded with Rs1000 which we donated to the Palani Hills Conservation Council (PHCC).


Exchange Programs in KIS

The Christian Partner Exchange program at KIS seeks to establish worldwide links with schools, individuals and other potential partner organizations to facilitate cross cultural learning experiences. The program is consciously linked with the Christian identity of Kodaikanal International School as outlined in Design ‘94 and therefore encourages students not only to develop academically and socially but also spiritually. Through this program, KIS gives students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture for up to one semester – studying, living and learning in a new and different environment from what they have experienced before. At present, KIS participates in exchange programs in 3 different countries.In Germany, students have the opportunity to study for one semester at Andreum Gymnasium in Hildescheim. This school has a strong English program yet the medium of instruction for most classes is German, giving students the prospect of becoming fluent in German in one semester. Students are hosted by exchange partner families to learn what daily life is like for these families. (The German ‘partner’ comes and studies in Kodai and stays in the dorm while they are here).

The Australian exchange is hosted by Carey Baptist Grammar school in Melbourne. The school has generously initiated a full scholarship exchange where all costs, including airfares, are covered by this institution. During this exchange, students are required to choose some IB courses in preparation for entering grade 11 upon returning to KIS. For this exchange a stringent interview process is adhered to as we seek to select students who will not only benefit greatly from this generous opportunity, but who will also represent KIS well.

The third opportunity KIS currently makes use of is a summer exchange with two schools in the Netherlands. For four weeks, a group of students experience the cultural differences that abound between the Netherlands and India as they participate in family life and attend a Dutch school.

The most recent initiative of the school in this area is the development of a new, Council approved program for post-secondary school students. Route 14:6 seeks to provide the space for 12 young adults to live in an intentional community in Kodaikanal in order to take time out from school and university or work to reflect on what it means for them to be a follower of Jesus in the world today. It is envisioned that the program participants enjoy interaction with school students daily as well as travelling to different places in South India where a variety of service opportunities present themselves. The program seeks to adopt a holistic approach to spiritual development in the ways of Jesus, looking at the various aspects of discipleship – mixing devotion and practice.

Participating in an exchange is something that a student will never forget. Overall, these experiences stretch the hearts and minds of KIS students as they become more aware of their responsibility to the local community and to the world.

We are currently seeking to expand our program so if you or your school is interested in enquiring about any of the programs mentioned above, or developing an exchange partnership with KIS, please contact Cath.

Cath Butler
Exchange Program Liaison


September calendar dates

1 - 6 September - Track meet in Ooty
4 - 6 Septemer - Grade 11C camp
11 September - Indian dance concert
11 - 12 September - TD retreat
11 - 13 September - Grade 10 camp
19 -26 September - Field trip week


Field Trip week

Every year KIS Social Experience Program is responsible for organizing a series of field trips for all grade 2 to grade 12 students. Historically KIS has always recognized the importance of 'experiencing India'. The unique aspect of KIS Field Trip program is that all excursions occur during the same week in September each year. Every student and staff member is expected to participate in this amazing event and KIS Travel office support is also responsible for its smooth running.

Pre-2: Our Place
Our Place’ involves students from Preschool to Grade 2 exploring the local environment and taking part in service to the community as well as connecting it to our classroom learning themes. Children also develop their social skills and interact with children from a variety of school communities.
Field Trip Leader: Radhika Sagar (

Grades 3 - 4: Poondi
Grade 3 and 4 is going to Poondi campsite for two nights and three days. At camp we will be looking at survival in the environment and how we can build a community. The camp will provide us with an excellent opportunity to explore these topics and discover ways in which human beings cope with, and succeed in, their environment. The students will be participating in activities such as making a shelter, building a fire, making fish traps and learning other survival tips.
Field Trip Leader: Lynea Mitchell (

Grade 5: Tools and Textiles
Students will travel to Dindigul to take part in a variety of tours of textile and food production sites which will provide hands-on experiences for the upcoming grade 5 food unit. Following the Dindigul visit, we will tour Teddy Exports school and textile factory to assist with daily work and interact with students at Teddy School.
Field Trip Leader: Pearlin Joseph (

In the Middle Years School (grades 6 - 10) students will participate in the programs outlined below:

Grade 6: Ellakul Girls Home
The Ellakul Girls Home is located on 8 acres of multi-cropped agricultural land in Kerala near Munnar. Students will assist the residents with planting cocoa and rubber trees, play together and tour a variety of local sights.
Field Trip Leader: Janice VanHaltren (

Grade 7: Nambikkai
Students will interact with the hearing-impaired and assist in the daily rhythm of life (working in the fields, making compost, washing goats..!)
Field Trip Leader: Susannah Howarth (

Grade 8: Bylakuppe / Mysore
Students explore different aspects of Tibetan culture and then visit the fascinating city of Mysore.
Field Trip Leader: Sither (

Grade 9: South East Special
This trip focuses on sustaining natural environment; includes visits to the international community of Auroville and Mahabalipuram.
Field Trip Leaders: Oliver Weiser (, Rebecca Devadoss

Grade 10: Coimbatore KKID
Students will have an opportunity to work in different places in and around Coimbatore, at brick factories, the tribal village and also working alongside the organization called KKID in community development.
Field Trip Leader: Vera Uttenthaler, Peter Regulagadda (;

Grade 11 and 12 students were asked to choose one of the following field trips:

BASIL Green Team Mysore
BASIL - Green Team Dream offers a stimulating 6 day program that explores the challenges of living a sustainable and healthy life in the 21st century. The program will be a judicious mix of relaxation, cultural activities and exploring issues regarding our responsibilities as planetary citizens.
Field Trip Leader: Bryan Plymale (

Cannanore Quest
To appreciate the efforts made by NGOs to provide assistance to the mentally handicapped, as well as orphans and to actively participate in projects to contribute to the well- being of these children.
Field Trip Leader: Marsha Joshi (

EMOTE Multimedia Tour Chennai
How can a song ... a music video ... a radio interview ... help to change the world? Start here. KIS musicians, actors and film crew will experience the many ways that the media influences social change by producing their own homegrown music video and more with professional film and music industry leaders in Chennai. Teamwork and creative spirit are key to the success of this tour.
Field Trip Leader: Ellen Walter (

IB Art Hampi
Documenting the archaeological features of Hampi through sketch and photograp
and the creation of various environmental art on site.
Field Trip Leader: Sandra Shand (

Kerala Culture
An investigation into religious, architectural and social aspects of life in Kerala.
Field Trip Leader: Saji Varghese (

King Cobra adventures
Students will do a field study of snakes including the King Cobra in the tropical rain forests at Agumbe in Karnataka. There will be opportunities for jungle treks and white water rafting.
Field Trip Leader: Beth Yesudian. (

Mad River
Canoeing Kerala backwaters and exploring the natural and human environments of the state.
Field Trip Leader: Barbara Block (

Mysore - Heritage
Create awareness about heritage sights in Karnataka so that we can work together to protect and preserve the wondrous beauty and richness of Indian culture and heritage.
Field Trip Leader: Soumen Sinha Babu (

Health is Wealth Ongole
Play and work with the children through the CRC (Child Resource Centre), helping them with their studies and activities, teaching them new games and different ways to be creative in expressing themselves or their situation.
Field Trip Leader: Elly Oenema (

Save the Children
To help students engage with handicapped children and slum children which will help them to realize how others less fortunate live.
Field Trip Leader: Rajan Thomas (

Southern TipTrip
Investigating and working alongside a range of development agencies in Nagercoil. This trip has a strong social service focus.
Field Trip Leader: Kaisar Dopaishi (

Wilderness wanderings
Students will learn about the environment and about tribal culture while hiking through Periyar and Munnar Ecosystems.
Field Trip Leader: Pippa Mukherjee (

If you have any questions you would like addressing please contact the SoEx department on


Russel DeValois Scholarship

KIS recently established the Russell DeValois Scholarship made possible through an endowment fund established by the High School classmates of KIS alumnus, Russell DeValois. The intent of this particular scholarship program is to attract an Indian student who is likely to excel academically and one who can contribute to the public service, artistic or athletic life of the school. It enables a student who may not otherwise be able to attend KIS to afford such an education.

Russell DeValois graduated from KIS in 1943 and went on to earn his PhD in physiological psychology from the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty at Indiana University in Bloomington where his work on color vision became widely know. In 1968 Russ joined the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, where he continued his color vision research and also began studying the perception of spatial information and how it is analyzed and encoded in the brain. Russ died 20 September 2003 as a result of a car accident that occurred during his return to California from the 60th anniversary reunion of his KIS graduation. Russ, 76, lapsed into a coma and died ten days later in Salt Lake City, Utah. Karen DeValois, Russ’ wife, was also injured in the accident, but happily made a full recovery.

The Russell DeValois Scholarship has been awarded to Neema Tshering for the 2009-2010 academic year. Neema was chosen because of her outstanding academic achievement during her grade 11 year and further, for her commitment to KIS’ Social Experience program. Neema’s mother is from Nagaland and her father is Tibetan. She accompanied her parents to the US when she was 4 and went to school in Chicago. Her father has a PhD in philosophy, studied the Old Testament and is currently involved in missionary work in Guwahati, Assam. Her mum has studied psychology and is a Counselor. Neema moved back to India with her parents when she was 14 and has been a student at KIS for the past year. The soft spoken Neema has several interests. She is good at basketball, soccer and track. She has learnt both piano and flute and loves dancing. Neema is extremely concerned with environmental issues and is enthusiastic about pitching in and volunteering with the Social Experience department whether it is to help clean up the town or plant trees to renew the ever dwindling tree growth. This has won her accolades. When asked what she’d liked to do after graduating in 2010 she firmly and confidently stated that she wants to be a doctor. “I want to be able to help people and be financially stable myself” she says. Neema will apply for a scholarship to go to the US and study medicine but cheerfully adds “If that doesn’t work I will apply to medical colleges in India. I only know that its medicine I want to study.”

As a school, we are proud of Neema and the talents she has brought to KIS and wish her well as she dreams and prepares for her future as a doctor. KIS is also proud of the achievements and legacy left by Russell DeValois, and grateful to his classmates and all who contributed to the Russell DeValois Scholarship.
Alika Khosla
Development Officer


Archives update

Latest developments in the KIS Archives include:

• One of the repositories is ready and in use
• The windows are sealed, floor and roof are retiled,roof has with false ceiling
• Special archives (dichoric halogen) lights are fixed in the false ceiling
• An office has been set up for the archivist
• Chemicals and instruments required for preservation and conservation have been purchased
• Initial treatments like chemical cleaning are going on
• Open shelves have been purchased for the storage purpose
• A list of documents that need to be archived was sent out to all departments
• Five boxes of documents were acquired from the administration office
• Grade 8 students completed a project on KIS timelines with all information sourced from the

Tulsi Kamath


Appreciation and Accomplishments

With new people, come new ideas … We are looking to the future of KIS and moving forward with many exciting plans.

KIS 2008 - 2009 Annual Fund results
The 2008-09 Annual Fund campaign ended on 30 June 2009. Gifts to KIS and KFI during this year totals US $67,165.

Two KIS Class campaigns were included in the total gift amount:
• The Drama Endowment Fund in memory of Les Finley (former staff), Class of 1958 totals US $9910
• The Ashok Kamte Award (Class of 1982), totals US $3415

Sixty one first time donors made gifts to KIS in 2008-2009. Your gifts to KIS are very much appreciated. We look forward to your continued support in the coming year.

Class of 1959 – 50th year reunion gift
Congratulations to the Class of 1959 on your 50th year reunion! And thank you to all who contributed to the very thoughtful gift of $570 to KIS to be used where it is most needed.

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.” - Flora Edwards


KIS Profiles

The Annual Fund gives KIS the means to develop and continue programs that make this school a truly outstanding place. The fund creates opportunities for KIS students to achieve all kinds of excellence and has a direct impact on KIS’ ability to attract exceptional teachers and tomorrow’s leaders.

In this month’s profile are staff and students participating in International Student Exchange Programs.
Cath Butler - Religious Education HoD
International Student Exchange Liaison
Ethics teacher, grades 11 and 12

“I would like to see KIS foster a deeper focus on developing students in line with each one’s individual gifts.” - Cath Butler

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Years at KIS: Second year working for KIS, Cath started at KIS as a volunteer with dorm life and religious education (RE). Last year Cath continued on at KIS, teaching RE and spearheaded the Route 14:6 program.

For information about Route 14:6, go to our website:

Organizations: KIS Discipline committee, KIS STASS (Staff Association) committee
Sports: Swimming, soccer, walking
Hobbies: Music, painting, decorating, reading, traveling and spending time with her fiancé, Mathew Joseph
Family: Engaged to Mathew Joseph, KIS SoEx HoD, they will be married at the KIS chapel on 3
October 2009
Music: Piano, singing
Languages: English
Kyle Mitchell - Religious Education teacher, grades 9 to 12 2008-2009 International Student Exchange Liaison

"I would like to see KIS continue in its dedication to the student as a whole person. I appreciate the social experiences, the religious education and diversity, and character development, which is so important.” - Kyle Mitchell

Hometown: Eustis, FL, USA
Years at KIS: Second year working at KIS
Organizations: KIS STASS (Staff Association) committee
Sports: Basketball, golf, track and field, ultimate frisbee
Hobbies: Nature, hiking, reading, basketball, spending time with wife, Lynea
Family: Wife, Lynea Mitchell, did her internship at KIS in 2007 and returned last year as KIS Elementary School teacher
Music: Guitar, singing

Antonia Volkmann - (Class of 2011) Grade 11

“KIS has given me a lot of contact with awesome people from all over the world and lots of experiences and impressions I will never forget.” - Antonia Volkmann

Hometown: Hildesheim, Germany
Years at KIS: First semester on the student exchange program
Sports & hobbies: Athletics, jogging, fitness class, dancing
Music: Cello and a bit of bass guitar in a band in Germany
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish and learning Hindi at KIS
Favorite teacher: Ms Butler
Favorite class: Art and Photography
Inspiration: “The people around me, mostly my family and my friends! I get inspired every day in a different way.”

“Being at KIS, I have discovered that it feels completely different when there are no friends around that know me really well and that I am able to be independent. I like to live with many other people.”
Josey Redder (Class of 2013) Grade 9
Currently in Hildesheim, Germany

“KIS has given me many new ideas. Being at KIS I have discovered that I like spicy food." - Josey Redder

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT, USA
Years at KIS: Two years
Organizations: SoEx
Sports & hobbies: Gymnastics, hockey
Music: Percussion
Languages: English, French, learning German in Hildesheim
Favorite class: German
Favorite teacher: Frau Schmitt
Inspiration: “Diverse cultures … maybe I will do something with languages.”

Ashley Sebok Grade 12
“KIS has given me patience!”
Hometown: Miami, FL
Years at KIS: First semester, for SAGE Program
Organizations: Key Club
Sports & hobbies: Swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, going to art shows & galleries
Music: Likes to sing and listen to Indie Electra music
Languages: English, Spanish
Favorite teacher: Mr Menon
Favorite class: Political science
Future: Study photography & art ....or anthropology in New York City.

"Being at KIS I have discovered that people are basically the same, everywhere."


Wish List

The SoEx department is currently working with the PHCC (Palani Hills Conservation Council), Bob and Tanya of Vattakanal Trust and the DFO (District Forest Officer) on a major tree planting campaign. SoEx students need to raise US $250 (Rs 12,000) for the purchase of 800 saplings. We would be grateful for your support!