Sunday, August 30, 2009

KIS Profiles

The Annual Fund gives KIS the means to develop and continue programs that make this school a truly outstanding place. The fund creates opportunities for KIS students to achieve all kinds of excellence and has a direct impact on KIS’ ability to attract exceptional teachers and tomorrow’s leaders.

In this month’s profile are staff and students participating in International Student Exchange Programs.
Cath Butler - Religious Education HoD
International Student Exchange Liaison
Ethics teacher, grades 11 and 12

“I would like to see KIS foster a deeper focus on developing students in line with each one’s individual gifts.” - Cath Butler

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Years at KIS: Second year working for KIS, Cath started at KIS as a volunteer with dorm life and religious education (RE). Last year Cath continued on at KIS, teaching RE and spearheaded the Route 14:6 program.

For information about Route 14:6, go to our website:

Organizations: KIS Discipline committee, KIS STASS (Staff Association) committee
Sports: Swimming, soccer, walking
Hobbies: Music, painting, decorating, reading, traveling and spending time with her fiancé, Mathew Joseph
Family: Engaged to Mathew Joseph, KIS SoEx HoD, they will be married at the KIS chapel on 3
October 2009
Music: Piano, singing
Languages: English
Kyle Mitchell - Religious Education teacher, grades 9 to 12 2008-2009 International Student Exchange Liaison

"I would like to see KIS continue in its dedication to the student as a whole person. I appreciate the social experiences, the religious education and diversity, and character development, which is so important.” - Kyle Mitchell

Hometown: Eustis, FL, USA
Years at KIS: Second year working at KIS
Organizations: KIS STASS (Staff Association) committee
Sports: Basketball, golf, track and field, ultimate frisbee
Hobbies: Nature, hiking, reading, basketball, spending time with wife, Lynea
Family: Wife, Lynea Mitchell, did her internship at KIS in 2007 and returned last year as KIS Elementary School teacher
Music: Guitar, singing

Antonia Volkmann - (Class of 2011) Grade 11

“KIS has given me a lot of contact with awesome people from all over the world and lots of experiences and impressions I will never forget.” - Antonia Volkmann

Hometown: Hildesheim, Germany
Years at KIS: First semester on the student exchange program
Sports & hobbies: Athletics, jogging, fitness class, dancing
Music: Cello and a bit of bass guitar in a band in Germany
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish and learning Hindi at KIS
Favorite teacher: Ms Butler
Favorite class: Art and Photography
Inspiration: “The people around me, mostly my family and my friends! I get inspired every day in a different way.”

“Being at KIS, I have discovered that it feels completely different when there are no friends around that know me really well and that I am able to be independent. I like to live with many other people.”
Josey Redder (Class of 2013) Grade 9
Currently in Hildesheim, Germany

“KIS has given me many new ideas. Being at KIS I have discovered that I like spicy food." - Josey Redder

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT, USA
Years at KIS: Two years
Organizations: SoEx
Sports & hobbies: Gymnastics, hockey
Music: Percussion
Languages: English, French, learning German in Hildesheim
Favorite class: German
Favorite teacher: Frau Schmitt
Inspiration: “Diverse cultures … maybe I will do something with languages.”

Ashley Sebok Grade 12
“KIS has given me patience!”
Hometown: Miami, FL
Years at KIS: First semester, for SAGE Program
Organizations: Key Club
Sports & hobbies: Swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, going to art shows & galleries
Music: Likes to sing and listen to Indie Electra music
Languages: English, Spanish
Favorite teacher: Mr Menon
Favorite class: Political science
Future: Study photography & art ....or anthropology in New York City.

"Being at KIS I have discovered that people are basically the same, everywhere."