Sunday, August 30, 2009

CARE week

Why do we care? Because we can!
CARE week began on 3 August 2009 with a whole school assembly on the Alumni courts. After an initial address by Rev Raja Krishnamoorthy, the MYP grade 6 class sang a "Care" song written by our own Zizi Roberts, ES music teacher, who accompanied the students on guitar. "We've got the whole world in our hands" had everyone singing along, presented by Grade 7 students with Ms Dash leading and Ms Zizi on guitar.

CARE week is always dedicated to those who make our lives easier in KIS, mainly Food Services and the Maintenance department. All the Food Services staff came to the front of the assembly and introduced themselves, each one getting a round of applause from their appreciative audience.

After the PEERs introduced themselves they presented a skit to show the students of KIS what sort of problems they may run into in school and to offer help to any students who seek it.

Ms Dash, in her usual flamboyant way, then presented a rap song about "caring" she had written herself to a much enthused audience.

Events that took place throughout the week included:

  • Tree planting on Ganga & Highclerc campuses

  • Raksh Bandhan ~Rakhi~ day

  • Lunch for Maintenance staff hosted by NHS & PEERs

  • MYP job shadowing

  • Youth Rise film honoring our support staff

  • CARE week film

  • Kodai clean up including hikers, SoEx, PEERs, NHS, CAS, students & staff

  • Dorm skits - Why do we care?

  • CARE week worship

  • Food distribution at Sunday market and around Kodai

  • CARE week Ultimate Frisbee celebration

We care, because we can.......