Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Principal's message

This is the last newsletter that I will write to the Kodaikanal community. From the end of this month I will become an alum.

I would therefore like to start by thanking the Council of Directors, the School and the KIS Community for the richness of the experiences that the last five years have brought me and my family. It is cliché to say that we will never forget Kodai School but also true that this place touches our lives in a fundamental way. We will look forward to joining the many alumni who make the pilgrimage back to Kodai.

If I am allowed to be reflective, I can look back at the last five years with some sense of satisfaction. This school has been re-accredited to the MSA and re-authorized to the IB for our MYP and Diploma program while also in the process of implementing the PYP.

We continue to get outstanding results within the SAT’s and the IB Diploma and to upgrade the quality of our teaching and the breadth of subjects and curriculum we offer. Our academic infrastructure, particularly in IT, has developed in capacity and quality.

In addition we have set up a coherent alumni support system and I look forward to seeing KISAA developing and supporting the school in the future. I will also look forward to receiving newsletters and magazines as a member of the alumni body.

The financial health of the school has improved significantly as can be seen by our purchase of Swedish House and the construction of new dorms soon to be undertaken, along with infrastructure plans and improvements.

After five years of pushing we have finally got an updated Constitution which has been agreed by the authorities in Chennai.

In all of this the core mission and vision of the school continues to be held very close in the hearts of the whole community.

I would like to thank all those who have provided leadership, support and interest or the hard work they have all put in, and their desire to see this school continue to grow and flourish. There are of course many challenges that remain to be overcome and this includes the building of community, the Poondi project, as well as the building of the new dorms, as well as the development of income sources other than fees.

I am delighted to be succeeded by Adrian Moody and would like to conclude by asking the Lord to bless him and this school in its future.

Geoffrey Fisher


Monday, May 17, 2010

Vice Principal's update

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending”

Examination fever and farewells have been in the air since the beginning of May!!

The last attempt at SAT I and SAT II for this academic year was held on 1 May. Fourth May the IBDP examinations began in full steam and ended only on 24 May. I am happy to report that generally all IBDP papers went off well for the students. For the rest of the school it was time to revise and do their semester exams from 14 -20 May.

While all were busy preparing and then sitting for their examinations, on the sidelines,we had the KAC dinner, NHS dinner, staff farewell lunch and grade 10 graduation from the Middle Years Program to the IB Diploma Program, grade 5 graduation to the Middle Years Program, K-8 semester end picnics and the ES chapel recital.

Grade 11 IB Diploma students had their final meeting with their Extended Essay supervisors so that had all the information they need to work during their summer vacations. It was also time to get elections underway for the new student body and the closing assembly awards. The senior class completed the online graduations goals and IB Learner Profile survey as part of their reflections on their KIS experience.

The awards and closing assembly on 20 May wrapped up the semester for the school as at whole. However, it was followed by the Baccalaureate Service, graduation dinner and finally the Graduation on 22 May. It was time to celebrate, bid adieus and reminisce about their time spent at KIS.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the senior class the very best in their future endeavors. Also good wishes go out to the students leaving KIS from other grades. I wish to put on record my appreciation for the dedicated work done by the staff leaving KIS this semester. We will miss Mr Fisher for the leadership he has provided to this community for the last five years and for his warmth and concern for one and all. To all we say, “God be with you till we meet again”. You will be missed and you are most welcome to Kodai at any time…. rather sooner than later!

I am sure the KIS community is looking forward to a much deserved restful and happy vacation with their loved ones. I thank one and all for their cooperation and for working alongside to make KIS a great institution and a home for all of us! Lets us return in the new academic year with renewed vigor!

Kaisar Dopaishi



Congratulations to Sumi on the publication of her second book "Beacon of Hope" - her reflections on microfinancing in Bangladesh. Her first book "Kaleidoscope" was published in June 2009, a mere 6 months before the publication of her follow up book. A promising journalistic career is awaiting Sumi and may I take this opportunity to wish her a very happy and successful future on the day of her graduation from KIS. It's been a long road full of challenges and opportunities to learn and may you remember and take strength from all that has enriched your life so far.

Penny Fidler
KISCO Officer


Admissions update

March / April and to date has been the busiest period for the Admissions Office and in April we were putting four applicants through their entrance test and interview every day! We now push towards finalizing all procedures before most of KIS faculty goes on vacation. The orientation program is in draft and folders at the ready so that our new students and their parents have all the information they require come 17 July.

We’ve watched the newbies in July 2009 starting to sneak their way into senior positions this past week, the 8th graders are starting to stretch their wings in preparation for the move from Ganga to Highclerc and with various emotions as our seniors have entered their last month of school, prepared for and are now sitting their final exams. Grad rehearsals have been going on, the flower arrangements designed, and decorations ready to be put up … closure starting to take place.

For me this is the last Admissions report I will write – the next one I will only read, and read as an alumna! I have loved pretty much every day at this desk as I’ve taken phone calls, sent emails and met people from various backgrounds. I’ve watched with pleasure as most kids have blossomed and been equally saddened when some have gone. Being the Admissions Coordinator at KIS has been a privilege. KIS has provided amazing opportunities for my own kids not only through curricular and extra-curricular programs but experiences had and friendships made to be confident young people in an ever changing world. As we all become alumni we will continue to be part of this community and watch with interest
developments in the coming years.

Thanks for the memories KIS!!

Helen Haeusler
Admissions Coordinator


Recent happenings

It has been three weeks since the last newsletter and it is time to put together another one - the final one before the academic year 2009-2010 comes to a close on Saturday. I thought there wouldn’t be much to “report” … but in typical Kodai style, lots has been going on.

The Fishers returned to Kodai for their final month at KIS. It has been a time to say farewell, pack up belongings, while continuing to perform the duties of a principal.

Departmental awards were given out in an assembly two weeks back, recognizing individual students in areas of accomplishment within the school. It was a fitting tribute to all their hard work and effort. The Music concerts at the beginning of May were another indicator of the talent and hours of practice of KIS students and staff. On Friday night (7 May) the concert featured the string ensemble, choirs and soloists ranging from voice, to saxophone, piano, strings, clarinet and a flute trio. On Saturday night (8 May) the Advanced Band and Intermediate Band played, along with other soloists and small groups. It was fantastic! The audience was respectful and appreciative. Music still floats around in the air of Kodaikanal!

The KIS Council of Directors met in Kodai for their annual April / May meeting. Incoming Principal Adrian Moody made another trip back to Kodai to attend the meetings. At an all staff meeting, the Council gave an update on their proceedings and shared that the Budget for next year had been approved, three new members had been elected, staff vacancies for the most part were filled for the upcoming year, a few in-house matters had been dealt with that pertained to staff requests, and appreciation was given to both Principal Geoff Fisher and Council Chair Dr Mathan, who will be completing their commitments to KIS at the end of the academic year.

The grade 6 spread out at the K-8 campus and held a Science Fair. Their projects ranged from exploding chemicals, to compressed soda cans, fire underwater, motorized mini-vehicles, solar oven (with maggi noodles to top it all off) and much more. The enthusiasm exhibited by the inventors as well as the visitors was contagious!

Celebration dinners were held to recognize the achievements of students in the National Honor Society (NHS) and Kodai Athletic Club (KAC). The staff farewell was held in the former Middle School building which is now referred to as the Arts Block. It was evident by the comments shared that KIS has impacted those staff leaving in many ways and the underlying theme was the individual connections made while in Kodai that would be something leaving staff treasure and will miss. KIS exams started last week and are being held in Alumni Hall for the grades 9-12. IB exams are ongoing. The traditional “May Sale” happened on the covered courts earlier this month and had a slim representation of various industries and an equally slim crowd of shoppers.

Final details and preparations are being made for the Closing & Awards Assembly (20 May), Baccalaureate (21 May), the banquet dinner for the Class of 2010 (21 May) and Graduation (22 May). One hundred and thirty-two graduates will be recognized on Saturday and their numbers have stretched our capacity to maintain tradition. Baccalaureate and Graduation ceremonies will be held on the Loch End playing field which is in the process of being readied. The dinner will be held where it has been for the past few years: on the covered courts. It has been raining in Kodai at least once a week, and sometimes it has poured in the brief times. Therefore, “Plan B” is also in the works: Baccalaureate and Graduation to be held in Alumni Hall.

We haven’t quite reached the excitement of the end of term; diplomas awarded, graduates recognized as we are still facing exams, farewells, packing, last-minute signatures, and, not to mention the traffic, tourists, elevated police presence to monitor the town, flower show at Bryant Park, the Art Exhibition arranged by Bruce (Class of 1968) & Ann (former staff) Peck in their home at the top of Coaker’s Walk, noise and hustle and bustle on the lake and everywhere in Kodai. We are all looking forward to the break of routine with hope and optimism toward the changes that are sure to come in the next academic year.

Till next time,

Julie Nichol Stengele (Class of 1980)

Alumni Officer


Archives update

Having started with refurbishing the KMU during October 2009, we are happy to report the work is progressing at a reasonably good pace. For a start, we now have a highly committed and experienced Archivist, Suvidha Sadasivan who has joined us in January 2010. Suvidha has had the good fortune to work alongside Betty Swavely Granner (Class of 1944), who has so kindly helped Suvidha document various dimensions of KIS history.

Presently, the KMU houses the Archivist’s office and a temporary repository. And the work in progress includes the installation of a large repository equipped with weather-proof storage for documents and manuscripts, the archivist’s laboratory for restoration and preservation activity, building a loft along the periphery of the main hall (eight feet in width from the wall) to house the museum, a cafĂ© / boutique and a computer centre for visitors to access the archives database of documents / images.

The next stages include sourcing timber to build the museum, digitizing the documents, manuscripts, photographs and other aspects leading to a formal launch of the KIS Archives.

Most importantly, we thank each and every one of you who has so generously contributed towards making this project a reality. Your passion for KIS and Kodaikanal is hugely appreciated.

Detailed below is an account of the Archives fund:

· KMU Archives Project (2003)

- 2003 KIS Annual Fund donations for project - 23,808

- Interest earned on Annual Fund - 6,950

- Total income - 30,758

- KMU refurbishment expenses (till date) - 20,060

- Available balance -10,698

· Class of 1961 Gift (digitization and Archivist’s salary)

- CRG Hellinger in 2007 - 10,000

- Martha Thompson Wilcox (2010) - 5,000

- Total income 15,000

- Archivist (salaries & expenses - till date) - 14,315

- Available balance - 685

Sonny Deenadayalan (Class of 1982)

KISCO Coordinator


Russel de Valois scholarship update

John Lalnunmawia - recipient of the Russell de Valois scholarship

John has lived in Lunglei, a small district in the state of Mizoram, for most of his life. He grew up in an insular environment and was exposed to little outside his home where he lived with his sister and parents. Internet was unknown to him until two years ago. His mother is a doctor who has recently taken over the position of Chief Medical Officer Alika, John and K-8 Coordinator Brian Nelsen The facilities at the K to 8 campus in the district. His father is a pastor in their church. John has been deeply influenced by both his parents in different, but positive, ways. His mother taught him to work hard and excel in academics, while sitting for hours helping him with his notes. His father taught him the importance of good values and morals, while reading bed-time stories revolving around these issues to John and his sister.

Recognizing that John had potential and the willingness to work hard, and realizing that he needed exposure and interaction with the outside world, his parents decided to send him to a small public school in Madurai where he spent two and a half years. It was while in Madurai that he learnt about Kodaikanal International School and voiced his desire to study at KIS. His parents applied for admission with financial aid which was granted and John moved to KIS less than a year ago with the knowledge that his parents could afford only a couple of years at KIS. John joined KIS in July 2009 in Grade 8.

When asked what drove him to apply for the scholarship, he said: “I am thirsty for knowledge; I want to be in an environment that gives me the chance to think and write on my own, to be in a school where I can build my self-confidence. KIS gives me all of this. I do not want to leave now and I knew if I got this scholarship I would be able to stay.”

As a child, John was a bundle of mischief and loved reading mystery and detective fiction from where he developed his ideas. He also learned early to work hard with his hands. “Part of growing up in Mizoram is about doing the hard stuff both at home and in the community.” Digging, cleaning, gardening and even doing the laundry come easily to him. He wants to work at safeguarding the school environment and moving out into projects which serve the community. “ “My favorite project was to make notebooks from waste paper for the local orphanage. I would love to do this for small schools in Mizoram as well, where good quality paper is not easy to get.”
John is an avid reader and dreams of becoming a doctor working in remote areas where infections are rampant and medical help unavailable. However, in the meantime, his parents await his homecoming so that they can celebrate with the entire family an achievement they are all so proud of: John’s successful application for the Russell de Valois Scholarship.

For more information about this prestigious scholarship, go to:

· http://www.kis.in/programs/russell-de-valois-scholarship.html
· https://www.netdirectories.com/~kis/attach/russelldevaloisposterfinal.pdf

As we come to the end of the academic year and the day of graduation dawns, we look back proudly at the achievements and learning of the first recipient of the Russell de Valois scholarship,
Neema Tshering

It was just a year ago, when Neema was awarded the Russell de Valois Scholarship. She was selected based on her outstanding academic achievements during her Grade 11 year, coupled with her commitment to the KIS Social Experience Program. Encouraged by this honor, soft spoken Neema won many accolades and is a highly respected leader. She is on the Principal’s List for her excellent academic performance; Vice President of the Kodai Athletic Club representing KIS in inter-school sports events, was President of STUDCO - the student body council where she was loved and revered, has been awarded the best student in English, the three sciences and Spanish, mastering the art of speaking Spanish with confidence.

“Neema is an all rounder and I have really enjoyed interacting with her, whether it was her involvement with the Social Experience Green Team or as an excellent Theory of Knowledge student. Her involvement with sports meant that she was often traveling outside Kodai with one school team or another. Yet her academic commitments were never compromised and her assignments always came to me ahead of time.” - Bryan Plymale, Neema’s TOK and Social Experience teacher.

“A true role model. That’s Neema.” - Mr Sither, Head of the PE department.
“As her class 12 adviser, I must say Neema gives top importance to academics, plans her time well and achieves her targets.” - Advisor, Pramod Trivedi

Neema would like to become a doctor and is hoping to go to medical school in the US, which is dependent upon receiving a scholarship. She has also applied to medical schools in India. Her experience with SoEx where her trips to remote areas, work in villages, orphanages and small schools had a huge impact on Neema. She dreams of becoming a medical professional and working in her home town where she feels she can make a difference.

We wish Neema all the very best as she moves on to pursue her dreams. KIS is deeply grateful to the Class of 1943 for supporting a student like Neema, who has lived by example and upheld the spirit of the scholarship.

Alika Khosla
Development Officer


2010 Award recipients

Fisher-Das Shield for Best HouseSandy Schoeninger Field Day Cup White House

K Awards

Nadisha Sagar

Gesine Schultz

Astha Paudel

Catriona Begg

Jessica D’ Cunha

Varun Varadaraj

Umedh Baharany

Raj Chavda

Indian Bank Awards

Varun Varadaraj

Gesine Schultz

Walker Cup

Noah P Chettri

Top Music Student

Soo Yeon Lim

David Heins Cup

Aalim Javeri

Garry Knapp Technical Cup

Preeti Baweja

Hiking : Gold Tahr Pin

Helen Haeusler

Elly Oenema

Joel Navam

Nadia Jayaprakash

Jessica Abraham

Outstanding Social Experience

Ananda Boga

Senior with Academic Improvement

Elena Dutt

Kodaikanal School Citizenship Award (9-12)

Aalim Javeri

Sylvia Seamonds Cup for Best All-Round Girl

Gesine Schultz

Ed Montgomery Cup for Best All-Round Boy

Varun Varadaraj

Fisher Das Cup for Best House Captain

Nadisha Sagar

White House

Ashok Kamte

Ananda Boga

Canada Award

Neema Tsering

Reva Bansal Award

Pearl Agarwal

Amal Ganesan Award

Akshat Modi

Tracey Manley Cup

Grade 11, Class of 2011

Grade 8 Cup

Caroline Chettri

Grade 10 Cup

Hae-Ju Han

Citizenship Award - Grades 6 - 8

John Lalnunmawia

Citizenship Award – Grades 9 & 10

Vinay Ramesh

Russell de Valois Scholarship

John Lalnunmawia

Micah Pulavan Sunshine Award

Ashish Trivedi

ES Citizenship Awards:

Joshua Hoffman & Maya Sarkar - Kindergarten

Pratiti Navam - Grade 1

Lydianna Nelson & Micah Yesudian - Grade 2

Anushka Sen - Grade 3

Isaiah Nelsen - Grade 4

Pooja Vedmurthy - Grade 5

Grade 5 Cup

Susannah Francis


Development update

This last year has been both challenging and extremely satisfying. I moved from Delhi to Kodai in July 2009 with trepidation, wondering if I had made the right decision leaving the safety net of my home and family and the comfort of my job as head of an NGO for close to nine years. Both my mother and sister have been principals in schools in Delhi and I grew up hearing endless stories around the dinner table about their colleagues, students, parents and alumni, never then imagining I would be part of a similar work culture.

I very quickly realized that I had not only moved into an institution but a community; an environment where I found supportive colleagues, enthusiastic and energetic students and respectful support staff. A place where despite the roller coaster ride that we have been through, determination, grit and sheer attachment to the school steered us through tough times. When my daughter, who is in undergraduate school in Delhi, visited me in September, she walked the pathways of KIS, meandering through the old school buildings, taking in the beauty, clean air and the calm and only then, did she understand what had drawn me to Kodai and KIS.

And so as the term comes to a close I sit back and reflect on how quickly this year has gone by. Yet, for me, this is just a beginning. I am filled with ideas and thoughts of how KIS offers huge potential and challenges for me in the year ahead. I will take up this opportunity to contribute to the school and the lives of its students putting it on the cutting edge as a socially responsible and environmentally progressive institution.

Alika Khosla
Development Officer


Class reunion gifts

Many alumni classes choose to make a gift to KIS by setting special giving goals or choosing a project to fund in honor of their reunion. I would like to give those classes with upcoming reunions some ideas to consider, if you chose to make a gift to KIS. Please do not feel constrained by these ideas if class members are interested in supporting a different project. We would be happy to consider your ideas as well.

Examples of recent class gifts include:

KIS Archives, Class of '61: At their 45th class reunion in 2006, the Class of 1961 decided to support the Archive Project with an initial gift of $12,000.

Drama Endowment Fund, Class of '58: In 2008, the Class of 1958 gathered for their reunion in Cyprus and while there, decided to make a class gift to KIS in memory of Les Finley, School Chaplain & their Class Sponsor. The gift made was in support of the KIS Drama Endowment. Their contribution to this fund totals $8700 and continues to grow.

Scudder Scholarship Fund, Class of '56: In 2007 the Class of 1956 established a fund for needy students in memory of their classmate Dr Marilyn Scudder. $6800 has been contributed to this fund to date.

Class Reunion gift ideas:

1) Music Department: continue the tradition of excellence and purchase new instruments, primarily for the middle school students. Estimated cost $10,000.

2) Improve the stage at Alumni Hall. Estimated cost, $7,500.

3) Refurbish Bendy Field facilities. Estimated cost, $10,000.

4) Construction of quiet study rooms in KIS Library. Estimated cost, $8,000.

5) All weather resurfacing of courts. Estimated cost, $20,000 per court.

6) Tents for Poondi Outdoor Education program. Estimated cost, $2,500

7) Memorial bench. Cost $2000



On a Sunday afternoon, one week before the year comes to a close, I sit here on my veranda (on lower Claverack compound) watching the boaters on the lake, and relishing the fact that I will be spending my entire summer here in Kodai, doing just this!

It is a very busy time of year, wrapping up all the unfinished work, which strangely seems to keep accumulating. KIS and all of us who live, work & study here, have had a challenging year to say the least! But when all is said and done, we keep striving to make things better.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Thomas A Edison

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be handing over the Foundation Office responsibilities to my colleague, Alika Khosla. Most of you already know Alika, as she has been working as the Major Gifts Officer this past year. I will be moving into the KISCO Office position and will be overseeing the KIS Boutique and managing all of the school’s publications, website, and blog. Feel free to contact me anytime kisco@kis.in

Judy Redder

Foundation Officer


Annual Fund update

If you have not yet made a contribution to the 2009-10 Annual Fund, please join your fellow KIS alumni and parents in supporting the KIS Scholarship Fund. Remember that gifts of any size make a difference.

To date, we have received gifts totaling approximately $27,000. Thank you to all who have made donations to the 2009-10 KIS Annual Fund.

The 2009-10 Annual Fund campaign will continue until 30 June 2010.

“Giving is true having. “


Banyan tree update

In 2008, the KISCO fundraising and marketing team and Principal, Geoff Fisher considered installing a donor recognition sculpture to honor graduating students whose parents donate their security deposits to KIS for projects and development initiatives. It was decided that a Banyan Tree would be an appropriate choice. The Banyan Tree is an important symbol; it is the National Tree of India, to some it is considered sacred and represents eternal life. Some call it the “wish fulfilling divine tree”. We think the sending down of roots and the ever-expanding branches of the Banyan Tree is reflective of the growth of KIS students. The Banyan Tree was therefore chosen to become the vehicle for displaying the generosity of KIS graduates and their families.

Once the idea was decided, we tapped into the talents of KIS alumni & current staff, Barbara Block, who conceptualized and rendered a beautiful Banyan Tree, which we based the final sculpture on. With the assistance of another KIS alumni & former staff Ann & Bruce Peck we refined the design and located the artisans of Shri Rajan Industry in Swamimalai.

Befitting of the 100 + year old history of Kodaikanal International School, Shri Rajan Industry is a Bronze sculpting school whose technique is the same hereditary process, dating back 4500 years to the Chola King period, called lost wax process. Fifteen artisans of Swamimalai spent 28 days carefully crafting a gorgeous brass Banyan Tree, which they brought by lorry to Kodaikanal on 14 May. The sculpture has been installed on the stone wall at the entrance to Alumni Hall.

For many years it has been a tradition at KIS for parents to contribute their security deposit to assist KIS in its charitable initiatives. To maintain the KIS mission, the KIS Excellence in Education Scholarship Fund has been established. All of the security deposit contributions made by the parents of graduating students will be invested in this fund, allowing the scholarship to grow and assist future generations of KIS students.

In appreciation for the generosity of parents and to leave a legacy of the students’ contribution to the KIS community, those families who make a donation of Rs 30,000 or more will have their child’s name engraved upon a brass leaf of the Banyan Tree, and will forever be a part of the KIS landscape.

Judy Redder

Foundation Officer


Appreciation & Accomplishments

The Class of 1958 still continues to support the Drama Endowment Fund. To date the fund has grown to approximately $9900.

I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank Mark Garrison and the Class of 1958 for your efforts in building this fund and for all of your generous gifts.

The Drama Endowment Fund will remain an ongoing campaign. Anyone wishing to support the KIS Drama department may designate contributions to this fund.


KIS profiles

Annual Giving Supports KIS People

The Annual Fund gives KIS the means to develop and continue programs that make this school a truly outstanding place. The Fund creates opportunities for KIS students to achieve all kinds of excellence and has a direct impact on KIS ability to attract exceptional teachers and tomorrow’s leaders.

In this month’s profile, visiting Loch Ender alumni Eunice Naumann Nissan:

Eunice Naumann Nissan, Class of 1951

“KIS gave me....... a chance to prove myself, which I did mostly on the stage.”

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

Years at KIS: 3 1/2

Organizations: Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Sports: Tennis

Hobbies: Drama

Music: Choir, Chorus, Piano, Organ

Languages: When I was in the hospital they didn't know what to do with me because I was babbling in
some strange language (they thought I was crazy). My father's cousin came to stay with me and she told them at the hospital that I was speaking Tamil because when she spoke to me in German, I answered her in German, and when she spoke to me in English, I answered her in English.

Favorite teacher while a student at KIS: Mrs. Roth - my English teacher and she taught me my second year of Latin. She was a very fine person. Very level headed with a good sense of humor.

Favorite subject while a student at KIS: English because of Mrs. Roth.

“I would like to see KIS....... continue its Christian heritage.”

- Eunice Naumann Nissan


To give or contact

Your support helps protect the programs, the places and the people that KIS has so carefully invested in for over 100 years. To make a gift, please go to http://kis.in/foundation/giving.html

If you would like more information about KIS initiatives or making a donation, please contact:

Alika Khosla

Development Officer


Jerry Nichol

KFI Executive Director



July calendar dates

3 July - OS retreat

6 July - SS retreat

8 July - SMT return

10 July - New staff arrival

11 July - HOD / Coordinators / Dorm parents return

12 July - Professional staff return / new staff orientation

14 July - Staff retreat & workshop

16 July - Dorms open for PEERs

17 July - New student orientation

18 July - Dorms open

20 July - First day of classes

23-25 July - 12A camp

31 July - Terry Fox run