Monday, May 17, 2010

KIS profiles

Annual Giving Supports KIS People

The Annual Fund gives KIS the means to develop and continue programs that make this school a truly outstanding place. The Fund creates opportunities for KIS students to achieve all kinds of excellence and has a direct impact on KIS ability to attract exceptional teachers and tomorrow’s leaders.

In this month’s profile, visiting Loch Ender alumni Eunice Naumann Nissan:

Eunice Naumann Nissan, Class of 1951

“KIS gave me....... a chance to prove myself, which I did mostly on the stage.”

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

Years at KIS: 3 1/2

Organizations: Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Sports: Tennis

Hobbies: Drama

Music: Choir, Chorus, Piano, Organ

Languages: When I was in the hospital they didn't know what to do with me because I was babbling in
some strange language (they thought I was crazy). My father's cousin came to stay with me and she told them at the hospital that I was speaking Tamil because when she spoke to me in German, I answered her in German, and when she spoke to me in English, I answered her in English.

Favorite teacher while a student at KIS: Mrs. Roth - my English teacher and she taught me my second year of Latin. She was a very fine person. Very level headed with a good sense of humor.

Favorite subject while a student at KIS: English because of Mrs. Roth.

“I would like to see KIS....... continue its Christian heritage.”

- Eunice Naumann Nissan