Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Principal's message

This is the last newsletter that I will write to the Kodaikanal community. From the end of this month I will become an alum.

I would therefore like to start by thanking the Council of Directors, the School and the KIS Community for the richness of the experiences that the last five years have brought me and my family. It is cliché to say that we will never forget Kodai School but also true that this place touches our lives in a fundamental way. We will look forward to joining the many alumni who make the pilgrimage back to Kodai.

If I am allowed to be reflective, I can look back at the last five years with some sense of satisfaction. This school has been re-accredited to the MSA and re-authorized to the IB for our MYP and Diploma program while also in the process of implementing the PYP.

We continue to get outstanding results within the SAT’s and the IB Diploma and to upgrade the quality of our teaching and the breadth of subjects and curriculum we offer. Our academic infrastructure, particularly in IT, has developed in capacity and quality.

In addition we have set up a coherent alumni support system and I look forward to seeing KISAA developing and supporting the school in the future. I will also look forward to receiving newsletters and magazines as a member of the alumni body.

The financial health of the school has improved significantly as can be seen by our purchase of Swedish House and the construction of new dorms soon to be undertaken, along with infrastructure plans and improvements.

After five years of pushing we have finally got an updated Constitution which has been agreed by the authorities in Chennai.

In all of this the core mission and vision of the school continues to be held very close in the hearts of the whole community.

I would like to thank all those who have provided leadership, support and interest or the hard work they have all put in, and their desire to see this school continue to grow and flourish. There are of course many challenges that remain to be overcome and this includes the building of community, the Poondi project, as well as the building of the new dorms, as well as the development of income sources other than fees.

I am delighted to be succeeded by Adrian Moody and would like to conclude by asking the Lord to bless him and this school in its future.

Geoffrey Fisher