Monday, May 17, 2010

Archives update

Having started with refurbishing the KMU during October 2009, we are happy to report the work is progressing at a reasonably good pace. For a start, we now have a highly committed and experienced Archivist, Suvidha Sadasivan who has joined us in January 2010. Suvidha has had the good fortune to work alongside Betty Swavely Granner (Class of 1944), who has so kindly helped Suvidha document various dimensions of KIS history.

Presently, the KMU houses the Archivist’s office and a temporary repository. And the work in progress includes the installation of a large repository equipped with weather-proof storage for documents and manuscripts, the archivist’s laboratory for restoration and preservation activity, building a loft along the periphery of the main hall (eight feet in width from the wall) to house the museum, a cafĂ© / boutique and a computer centre for visitors to access the archives database of documents / images.

The next stages include sourcing timber to build the museum, digitizing the documents, manuscripts, photographs and other aspects leading to a formal launch of the KIS Archives.

Most importantly, we thank each and every one of you who has so generously contributed towards making this project a reality. Your passion for KIS and Kodaikanal is hugely appreciated.

Detailed below is an account of the Archives fund:

· KMU Archives Project (2003)

- 2003 KIS Annual Fund donations for project - 23,808

- Interest earned on Annual Fund - 6,950

- Total income - 30,758

- KMU refurbishment expenses (till date) - 20,060

- Available balance -10,698

· Class of 1961 Gift (digitization and Archivist’s salary)

- CRG Hellinger in 2007 - 10,000

- Martha Thompson Wilcox (2010) - 5,000

- Total income 15,000

- Archivist (salaries & expenses - till date) - 14,315

- Available balance - 685

Sonny Deenadayalan (Class of 1982)

KISCO Coordinator