Monday, May 17, 2010

Admissions update

March / April and to date has been the busiest period for the Admissions Office and in April we were putting four applicants through their entrance test and interview every day! We now push towards finalizing all procedures before most of KIS faculty goes on vacation. The orientation program is in draft and folders at the ready so that our new students and their parents have all the information they require come 17 July.

We’ve watched the newbies in July 2009 starting to sneak their way into senior positions this past week, the 8th graders are starting to stretch their wings in preparation for the move from Ganga to Highclerc and with various emotions as our seniors have entered their last month of school, prepared for and are now sitting their final exams. Grad rehearsals have been going on, the flower arrangements designed, and decorations ready to be put up … closure starting to take place.

For me this is the last Admissions report I will write – the next one I will only read, and read as an alumna! I have loved pretty much every day at this desk as I’ve taken phone calls, sent emails and met people from various backgrounds. I’ve watched with pleasure as most kids have blossomed and been equally saddened when some have gone. Being the Admissions Coordinator at KIS has been a privilege. KIS has provided amazing opportunities for my own kids not only through curricular and extra-curricular programs but experiences had and friendships made to be confident young people in an ever changing world. As we all become alumni we will continue to be part of this community and watch with interest
developments in the coming years.

Thanks for the memories KIS!!

Helen Haeusler
Admissions Coordinator