Sunday, August 30, 2009

Field Trip week

Every year KIS Social Experience Program is responsible for organizing a series of field trips for all grade 2 to grade 12 students. Historically KIS has always recognized the importance of 'experiencing India'. The unique aspect of KIS Field Trip program is that all excursions occur during the same week in September each year. Every student and staff member is expected to participate in this amazing event and KIS Travel office support is also responsible for its smooth running.

Pre-2: Our Place
Our Place’ involves students from Preschool to Grade 2 exploring the local environment and taking part in service to the community as well as connecting it to our classroom learning themes. Children also develop their social skills and interact with children from a variety of school communities.
Field Trip Leader: Radhika Sagar (

Grades 3 - 4: Poondi
Grade 3 and 4 is going to Poondi campsite for two nights and three days. At camp we will be looking at survival in the environment and how we can build a community. The camp will provide us with an excellent opportunity to explore these topics and discover ways in which human beings cope with, and succeed in, their environment. The students will be participating in activities such as making a shelter, building a fire, making fish traps and learning other survival tips.
Field Trip Leader: Lynea Mitchell (

Grade 5: Tools and Textiles
Students will travel to Dindigul to take part in a variety of tours of textile and food production sites which will provide hands-on experiences for the upcoming grade 5 food unit. Following the Dindigul visit, we will tour Teddy Exports school and textile factory to assist with daily work and interact with students at Teddy School.
Field Trip Leader: Pearlin Joseph (

In the Middle Years School (grades 6 - 10) students will participate in the programs outlined below:

Grade 6: Ellakul Girls Home
The Ellakul Girls Home is located on 8 acres of multi-cropped agricultural land in Kerala near Munnar. Students will assist the residents with planting cocoa and rubber trees, play together and tour a variety of local sights.
Field Trip Leader: Janice VanHaltren (

Grade 7: Nambikkai
Students will interact with the hearing-impaired and assist in the daily rhythm of life (working in the fields, making compost, washing goats..!)
Field Trip Leader: Susannah Howarth (

Grade 8: Bylakuppe / Mysore
Students explore different aspects of Tibetan culture and then visit the fascinating city of Mysore.
Field Trip Leader: Sither (

Grade 9: South East Special
This trip focuses on sustaining natural environment; includes visits to the international community of Auroville and Mahabalipuram.
Field Trip Leaders: Oliver Weiser (, Rebecca Devadoss

Grade 10: Coimbatore KKID
Students will have an opportunity to work in different places in and around Coimbatore, at brick factories, the tribal village and also working alongside the organization called KKID in community development.
Field Trip Leader: Vera Uttenthaler, Peter Regulagadda (;

Grade 11 and 12 students were asked to choose one of the following field trips:

BASIL Green Team Mysore
BASIL - Green Team Dream offers a stimulating 6 day program that explores the challenges of living a sustainable and healthy life in the 21st century. The program will be a judicious mix of relaxation, cultural activities and exploring issues regarding our responsibilities as planetary citizens.
Field Trip Leader: Bryan Plymale (

Cannanore Quest
To appreciate the efforts made by NGOs to provide assistance to the mentally handicapped, as well as orphans and to actively participate in projects to contribute to the well- being of these children.
Field Trip Leader: Marsha Joshi (

EMOTE Multimedia Tour Chennai
How can a song ... a music video ... a radio interview ... help to change the world? Start here. KIS musicians, actors and film crew will experience the many ways that the media influences social change by producing their own homegrown music video and more with professional film and music industry leaders in Chennai. Teamwork and creative spirit are key to the success of this tour.
Field Trip Leader: Ellen Walter (

IB Art Hampi
Documenting the archaeological features of Hampi through sketch and photograp
and the creation of various environmental art on site.
Field Trip Leader: Sandra Shand (

Kerala Culture
An investigation into religious, architectural and social aspects of life in Kerala.
Field Trip Leader: Saji Varghese (

King Cobra adventures
Students will do a field study of snakes including the King Cobra in the tropical rain forests at Agumbe in Karnataka. There will be opportunities for jungle treks and white water rafting.
Field Trip Leader: Beth Yesudian. (

Mad River
Canoeing Kerala backwaters and exploring the natural and human environments of the state.
Field Trip Leader: Barbara Block (

Mysore - Heritage
Create awareness about heritage sights in Karnataka so that we can work together to protect and preserve the wondrous beauty and richness of Indian culture and heritage.
Field Trip Leader: Soumen Sinha Babu (

Health is Wealth Ongole
Play and work with the children through the CRC (Child Resource Centre), helping them with their studies and activities, teaching them new games and different ways to be creative in expressing themselves or their situation.
Field Trip Leader: Elly Oenema (

Save the Children
To help students engage with handicapped children and slum children which will help them to realize how others less fortunate live.
Field Trip Leader: Rajan Thomas (

Southern TipTrip
Investigating and working alongside a range of development agencies in Nagercoil. This trip has a strong social service focus.
Field Trip Leader: Kaisar Dopaishi (

Wilderness wanderings
Students will learn about the environment and about tribal culture while hiking through Periyar and Munnar Ecosystems.
Field Trip Leader: Pippa Mukherjee (

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