Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Oscars at KIS

The KIS Drama Department hosted the second annual “Golden KIS Awards,” which is their version of the Oscars and Film Fare. This year included an exciting new twist, in that it was created, written, choreographed, directed and produced entirely by drama students from the grades 11-12 Advanced Acting and Directing class, and included performances from ES to HS. It was great that it coincided with the class reunion of 1989, and the alumni, who walked the red carpet, were treated to VIP front row seating. The evening was a fundraiser for the Drama department, and especially for the closing night gala of the All School Musical, “Big!”, which will now be presented 17-18 April (date changed from end March).

The students decided on the theme of “Cartoons and Superheros”, with staff and student “awards” named for the same. Student awards included the “Happy Feet” Award for the most Outstanding and Original Dancer, won by Jurmey Karchung, the “Rapunzel” Award for the Most Outstanding Hair or Hair-Doo, won by Ye-ji Hyun and the “Mickey Mouse” Award for Best Leading Male All Around, taken home by Sherrarrd Wallang. Staff awards included the “Ratatouille Award” for the dorm parent with Outstanding Culinary Talents, which went to Mrs Saji Varhese from Bruton dorm, the “Captain Planet” award for the staff member who is “Turning Pollution Down to Zero,” which was won by Mr Bryan Plymale of the SoEx department and the “Master Shifu” Award for the Most Patient Teacher, earned by Mr Santosh Punnoose. The best acceptance speech of the evening goes to Mr Atul Deshpande, who with Mr Babu won the Friendship Award, and who gave his rousing rendition of a Bollywood hit song accompanied by enthusiastic chanting and clapping from the audience. The “Cruella DeVil” Award for the staff member who is “Most Scary when Mad!” was taken home by our own favorite Dean, Mr Sam Balanchander.

The student-created evening opened with an interpretive masked dance from “The Lion King,” and went on to include songs, skits and dances from various hit movies including “Grease,” “Hairspray,” “Happy Feet,” “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and “101 Dalmations.” Awards were enhanced by candid snaps and video clips of nominees, along with video montages from Disney movies and hit cartoons. The event included audience participation in a “Who Wants to Be a Superhero” gameshow, gourmet food served by “Ratatouille” waitstaff and a silent auction with items donated by local businesses.

The ultimate purpose of the evening was to give the drama class a chance to gain experience planning a fundraising event from beginning to end. The students admitted that they learned a lot about planning, budgeting and teamwork. We hope that each year the event will get bigger and better. Next year, the students hope to attract some celebrity alumni and more involvement from our local community.

Thanks from the KIS Drama Department to all of the Administration, faculty, staff and student volunteers, as well as to our extended Kodaikanal community family, for making this exciting event possible.

Drama Queen—Ellen “Dash” Walter (Cruella Deville) - HoD Drama

Note that the All School Play “Big” is postponed until 17-18 April 2009