Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Principal’s message

By the time you receive this newsletter you will have had news of my impending departure from KIS. As I said in my letter I am very sad to leave the school community with which I have developed a close bond. I am delighted that the Chairman has made me part of the Search Committee for my successor and I am entirely confident that we will find a worthwhile group of candidates so that we can select the most appropriate person to trustfully hand over the leadership of this school. I will of course keep you up to date with developments as they occur. If you know of anybody who may be both appropriately qualified and experienced and may be interested, please ask them to contact me directly.

This has been an extremely exciting month for the school in that we have purchased a new property, known as Swedish House. This property was, in the past, leased by the school and used as a dorm. We are delighted not only to have had the opportunity to purchase this property but also the capacity to do so; an outcome of the last four years of hard work on the part of the Council, Management and Staff of the school. In the short term, Swedish House will be used as a dorm while we continue to pursue the planning permission to build our new dorms on Ganga Compound.

I have just completed the last set of Executive Committee and Council meetings for this academic year and it was wonderful for me to be thanked and congratulated at the end of these meetings by the Chair and Council, who have asked me to pass their congratulations on to my staff.

KIS is blessed in many ways and I pray these blessings will continue. I would like to thank in particular our outstanding and dedicated group of professional staff for their enormous contributions to this school.
Geoff Fisher