Monday, September 28, 2009

Grade 10 camp at Poondi

The beginning of September meant a weekend of Poondi Camp for the grade 10 class. The theme of the camp was “low-key,” and the getaway provided the perfect opportunity for students to unwind at the end of the first quarter.

The students settled in late Friday afternoon, moving into their tents, playing soccer or sitting around chatting. After dinner, students lugged down the wood for the bonfire and sat around the blaze singing songs, stargazing, catching up with old friends or making new ones. Next was the highly anticipated midnight snack. Though served not quite at midnight, the students eagerly gathered around the fire pits under the covered area heating up their marshmallow and chocolate treats. Lightning lit up the night sky, though there was no rain.

Morning arrived early on Saturday and it looked to be a hazy day. Some students ate breakfast while watching their classmates play a competitive game of cricket. Others rode the zipline, booted around a soccer ball on the slope leading down to the lake (gravity made this a challenge), or took the raft out on the water. A few brave souls tested out the climbing wall, which proved to be more difficult than it looked. There was even a game of volleyball. However, the most popular activity of the day was archery. Students lined up to test their skills with mostly positive results. It was a two part challenge – not only did students shoot the arrows, but they also had to go find them in the grass if they missed the target! Sometimes the arrows appeared to be camouflaged as they’d woven themselves into the grassy soil.

As the weekend drew to a close, memories were made and friendships were strengthened. Though the students were glad to have had this opportunity to catch their breath before the challenge of the final half of the first semester, they were already talking about grade 11 camp next year.
Beth Dagitses
PE teacher