Monday, September 28, 2009

Professional Development in KIS

. The KIS professional development policy now put together as a document aims at building a professional learning community which has a shared mission, vision and values, enhances collective inquiry, believes in collaborative teams, experimentation, action, results and continuous improvement. It is our endeavor to work towards this goal slowly but surely!

· The new avenues we are exploring are having official IB in-house workshops in MYP and PYP by the IB personnel so that at lower cost more staff can get their official training. Also we are making some staff take up specialized areas such as planning MYP units as online courses with a hope that a better in-depth expertise is gained in areas were the need was identified.

· Nevertheless, the focus is to achieve a mixed bag of workshops which suit the needs of the school and the staff – in-house official workshops, online official workshops, sub8 regional workshops, IB workshops held in different parts of India and overseas.

· Based on the recommendations of MSA, MYP and IBDP and the needs of the PYP our workshops have been planned in areas such as critical thinking and differentiated learning.

· The workshops staff have attended up to September 2009 (apart from the regular Tuesday inservice) are:

1. KAGAN (USA) - 5
2. In house official MYP workshops led by the Associate Regional Manager of MYP (Asia –Pacific) -4th and 5th September - 25
3. Online IBDP workshop – CAS - 1
4. Online MYP workshops – Language B, PE and Technology (making MYP Units) - 3
5. MYP Coordinator’s workshop - Level 2 – Bangkok (Thailand) - 1
6. DP Physics (Mixed Level )workshop - Malaysia - 1
7. Colleges and Careers Counselor - New Delhi - 1
8. HP and ISTE training – Integrating technology in the classroom- New Delhi - 3

· A workshop on KIS appraisal system was conducted by the Vice Principal for the new staff, HODs and Coordinators. The teacher evaluation period has now started from 1 September and goes on till 23October 2009.

· Our ISM Rudy Wuthrich, Science HOD Mr Shand and our senior Math teacher Mr Biswas attended a HP and ISTE training program. This helped teachers become aware that technology is a tool to support the learning experience. It's not about learning 'computers'.