Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Admissions update

Back in the fold after vacation and in lots of ways it feels as if there never was a vacation!

During the vacation period, KIS Admissions received a total of 100 enquiries. Currently we have 83 prospective candidates on the database and these figures mean that we can look forward to meeting our target of some 190 new students in July 2010.

The second semester started for the Admissions office with the orientation of 28 new students. This brings our total enrolment to 570 with a diversity spanning 25 nationalities. Eight of our new students are staff children and of those eight, five are children of alumni. The bonds remain strong!

Our German exchange students have returned full of stories about exciting adventures in another country / culture and speaking passable German! The Carey Baptist exchange students have their bags packed and are eagerly awaiting their visas.

Orientation was no sooner over and Graham Lambert (MYP Coordinator) and I were winging our way to Bangkok to hold an information reception. The event was very successful with some 14 families in attendance. Thanks to Mrs Thumsuwanna our power point information was translated into Thai and that was of huge benefit to both the KIS team and our audience!

At the end of February Admissions will be hosting receptions in Hyderabad, Pune and Goa. Invitations and further information on these events will be posted in due course. All are warmly invited to attend!

Now that we’re into our second week I see the faces of our new students brightening as they adjust to a new environment and start to participate in all that is KIS. SoEx and weekly activities will be in full swing this weekend, conditioning hikes for the Tahr camps were last Saturday and the Middle Schoolers are off to Betelpuram on Friday as their reward. Republic Day will be celebrated with a carnival on Bendy. Grade 9 class camp kicks off further Poondi trips this weekend … MYP and IB deadlines are loaming. Music and sports trips are happening in February as is the Senior Class trip. How do we ever catch our breath?! And dare I say that graduation is just around the corner …

As KIS heads towards a new academic year and transition of staff, along with changes, comes challenge. Admissions is moving ahead with a positive attitude preparing for another increase in student body. We trust that staffing, resources, and infrastructure will be firmly in place. As KIS nears 109, her infrastructure not only needs to be continually updated but in some cases fully renovated. We’re in a good position to meet the demands of a growing population – a population that increasingly has greater demands!

Helen Haeusler
Admissions Coordinator