Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Youthrise was formed by a group of students from the Kodaikanal International School, in the wake of the horrific attacks in Mumbai on the 26th of November, 2008. It was started with a single goal in mind – to mobilize the youth of today. To spread awareness about how we, even as students, can help make the world a better place.

The creator of the group, Ananda Boga Pandit, spoke to us about the group. At first, it didn’t seem terribly interesting. He spoke of the sponsors they’d gotten and the famous people they’d talked to, but you couldn’t make out any sort of concrete plan in his words. It seemed like he was all talk and no walk.

But slowly, the sincerity of the group began to seep into the conscience. They weren’t just a bunch of children meeting well-known people to talk about things they’d never do. This group of students truly believed in themselves and in their goal – it was heartening to see.

They told us about their main goals – unity in diversity, leadership, and environment. They spoke of some of the events they’d planned, including a not-so-successful rally the previous year and the more successful adoption of a group of tribal children. When a person in the crowd asked what the group expected of its members, Ananda gave a very simple answer: “We are not like other groups that sit there and tell you what to do. In fact, you will tell us what to do, because you know your city a lot better than we do.”

After visiting Sanskriti, the group went on, presumably to meet other schools in Delhi, as well as other people across the country. Some of the initiatives they hope to put in action include a magazine for the group and a music album dealing with issues of the present and future.

The thing that impressed the most about this group, however, was their belief in themselves. Despite a few stutters and a few awkward pauses, Ananda’s talk was quietly confident and showed no hesitance. The other members who spoke were also equally sure of themselves. It wasn’t conceit – it showed that these students took themselves seriously, and that they truly wanted to make a difference in the world - however small a step it might be.

To learn more about Youthrise, you can visit their site at www.youthrise.in or visit them on Facebook.

Article from Sanskriti online school newsletter