Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Atlas Rubicon Curriculum Mapping Workshops

The Atlas Rubicon Workshops were conducted at three levels: core team, all teaching staff and system administrative training.

The online Core Team training was on 17 October 2009 was held from 8.30 to 12 noon. Ben Zang from Portland, Oregon, USA. The online workshop was through voice conferencing and was attended by the Vice Principal, ISM and the coordinators. The workshop covered the following areas:
• Roles and Responsibilities of Core Team
• Mapping Fundamentals
• Features of the software
• Basic/ Advanced Analysis Tools
• Professional Learning Community (PLC)

This was followed by all teaching staff getting a 4 hour in house workshop in Curriculum mapping by Collin Mason, Atlas Rubicon personnel. The workshop had two four hour sessions per day and carried on over three days -17 - 19 November 2009. This had more of a “hands on approach” and it covered:

Actual Curriculum Mapping
• Overall Context and Objective
• Browsing School Maps
• Develop Functions
• Using the Unit Planner
• Aligning to School Standards and Objectives
• Linking to Other Documents
Analytical Use of ATLAS
• Identifying Gaps and Repetitions
• Searching Curriculum to Address Questions
• Profiling the Use of School Standards
• Evaluating the Mix of Assessment Strategies
• Identifying Best Practices

The feedback from the staff was very positive and many were also happy now to be part of the online PLC. The PLC members are from worldwide best of IB and other international schools and this sharing of resources and ideas will surely be mutually beneficial. The KIS professional development policy now aims at building a professional learning community -which has a shared mission, vision and values, enhances collective inquiry, believes in collaborative teams, experimentation, action, results and continuous improvement. This is one of the concrete steps taken in this direction.

The systems administrators' training was attended by our ISM, Vice Principal and the administrative secretary in the VP’s office. They looked at what was the Overall Approach to Administration, their functions and then Collin gave them a walk through.

It was indeed an enriching time for all of us. Our thanks go to Ben Zang, Collin Mason and back end team of Atlas Rubicon.

Kaisar Dopaishi
Vice Principal