Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KIS Annual Fund 2009 - 2010

I received a very thought provoking letter recently from a KIS alum regarding the fundraising for Kodai. This letter was full of many questions: Among them, “What is the mission of Kodai for its students now?

Design ’94 states the following General Objective:
The school shall strive to be a healthy microcosm of the global societies in community. It shall recognize and encourage the distinctive differences in persons, nations, and cultures, and at the same time affirm the unity of humankind. The lifestyle of the school will therefore reflect this healthy tension. Here, students and staff shall learn together in theory and practice how to bridge differences between themselves and others, which is the difficult art of peacemaking.

Also from Design ’94, School Values:
Kodaikanal International School values the following guiding principles as preeminent for all aspects of its community life:
Concern for Others

When you make your 2009-2010 annual gift to Kodaikanal International School, you are confirming that you believe the values KIS upholds are important.

Thank you for supporting education that matters.

Judy Redder
Foundation Officer