Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vice Principal's update

“Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money in that order; it is a process, a never ending one” -Bel Kaufman

The month began with completion of our “staffings” which was indeed a way of adding a nurturing element to the educational process. Two of our students sat for the IB November 2009 examination in Tamil B SL. Other IB students were busy completing their IB orals in German, Spanish and French. Alongside on 7 November we had a large number of students, especially from the senior class, sitting for the last SAT 1 and 2 examination. The extended essay supervisors met up with their students to tell them what research work they are expected to do during their holidays. The IB Coordinator collated together the holiday work set by the IB teachers and sent it to the students and the parents.

On the side lines we had the NHS talent show, gymnastics program, environmental science quiz, Christmas party for the elders staying in Corsock and Social Experience department using its new jeep to start its food distribution program along with its usual activities. Here it might also be worth mentioning that two of our students, Elena Dutt and Deki Penden who performed well in their Buddhism and Hinduism course were chosen to go for a week long program at the Tibetan Children's Village School, Bylakuppe in Karnataka State (see article included in this newsletter).

Time management and multi-tasking are important skills which all students at KIS need to learn while enjoying their weekends and pursuing their overall educuational experience!

Our Elementary School teachers started November off with an in-house IB workshop – “Making PYP Happen”. This of course has spurred them to get going with their Program of Inquiry and Unit of Inquiry. Interesting and enriching days are ahead for the Pre-K-5 teachers. Training of all the teaching staff by Rubicon Atlas in the use of the curriculum mapping followed. It goes without saying that staff were as usual busy with getting the exaination papers prepared and of course marking them before going off for a well- deserved holiday!

After the review days all got into the examination mode which was suddenly disrupted following the tragic accident that happened the previous week. However the students showed great resilience and strength of character in coming to terms with their sadness and moving on from it. It was decided to postpone the examination schedule and extend deadlines in order to facilitate the grieving process.

I would like to thank the students and the staff for their hard work, cooperation and their valuable contribution. We wind up yet another fruitful semester with a commitment to return with renewed resolve and determination to put in our very best while also recognizing ourselves in the larger context, that which is larger then the self.