Thursday, February 25, 2010

Admissions update

Well - interim reports for our January admissions were due yesterday, Elementary school fun / field day and MYP personal project fair tomorrow, music field trip next weekend and KIS field day the weekend after that! Our calendar of events continues to turn over. I have enjoyed a week with Sylvan my son who has made his second visit to Kodai since graduating in 2008 – our families and alumni just can’t get enough of this place!

Shekinah Truman (Admissions Officer), Bryan Plymale (TOK and SoEx teacher) and I are off to Hyderabad, Pune and Goa next weekend to host information receptions. We have sent invitations to our current and prospective families, and alumni. We would be happy to pass on details of the events and if you wish to attend, please contact our office on email ID:

General enquiries to the Admissions office, January through 15 February, have been a total of 88. Of note are the foreign enquiries from Malaysia, Middle East, UK, Switzerland, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia , Thailand and New Zealand! Our diary is filling each day as July 2010 applicants visit for their entrance tests and interviews.

The 2010-11 enrolment statistics as at 15 February tell us that we’re almost half way to reaching our projected total. March, April and May are our busiest months so we’re optimistic. Our current diversity reflects 25 nationalities other than Indian, with South Korea, USA and Thailand representing the three largest groups. The Admissions office anticipates a similar reflection in the 2010-11 enrolment.

I visited Ganga Campus last week and it was good to note that into the second semester the dust has well settled from the move of grades 7 & 8! The extended kitchen / dining hall facility is spacious and airy and gels well with the existing building. The space is abuzz with hungry eaters! The grounds were looking great and it was a pleasure to see activity going on outside of the classrooms involving different age groups and with different purposes.

Highclerc is a microcosm of our global community and is a show case for the choices our students have in their daily schedule: pyschology classes on flag green, track on Bendy Field, drama in the Box, music in the practice rooms, labs for four disciplines in the science block, portfolios and installations in various stages of completion in Bob King Studio …

We look forward to all the activities that KIS plans over the coming months and to watching, and perhaps participating in, all that we love about this school.

Helen Haeusler
Admissions Coordinator