Thursday, February 25, 2010

SAIBSA Job Alike sessions for IB teachers

SAIBSA Job Alike Session for IBDP was held on Saturday, 23 January 2010 at Indus International School in Bangalore. Two mini buses went down the hill with twenty one IBDP teachers to attend this session in Bangalore. Those who went were:

Kaisar Dopaishi Facilitator - Economics
Anna Kagedal Facilitator- Librarians
Charmaine Jesudoss English SL
Peter Strange English SL
Marsha Joshi English SL
Pramod Trivedi Hindi HL/SL
Shobhita Kapila French SL/HL
Shanthi Vedanayakam Facilitator – TOK & Psychology SL/HL
Mausami Sinha Babu Economics SL/HL
Ranjan Biswas Facilitator – Math HL/SL
Santhosh Punnoose Math SL
Peter Regulgadda Physics SL/HL
Anuranjan Shand Facilitator –Chemistry
Priya Vethanayagam Biology SL/HL
David Arul Raj Biology SL/HL
Rebecca Devadoss Environmental Systems & Societies SL
Jaydip Chaudhuri Chemistry SL/HL
Anuradha Vedamurty Placement & Counseling
Raja Sen TOK
Sudeep Ghosh TOK
Rathi Gopinath SEN

The main purpose of this session was to learn and share ideas together about the implementation of the IB subjects in our classrooms. The teachers shared the benefits of their experience and took away many new ideas and insights into the IBDP program. These sessions are an integral part of promoting the spirit of the IBO and helping us to improve our practice by making connections between IB schools and a continued commitment to professional development.

The sessions were as given below:
Subject and New Curriculum developments
Subject Specific Internal Assessment
Subject Specific Extended Essays/Teaching ideas
Plenary sessions on: TOK, CAS and Career Counseling

We left on 22 January, Friday evening after classes and returned late on 24 January; it was a hectic and short trip. Apart from being an intellectual and professional development exercise, it provided an opportunity to unwind and bond, not just with our colleagues from the IB world but also amongst ourselves. Moreover, such trips also help the faculty to focus on the broader issues connected with the IB programs such as its principles and the role of the sub regional association in specifically addressing issues unique to the South Asian region.

Kaisar Dopaishi
Vice Principal