Thursday, February 25, 2010

Principal's message

February is always a wonderful month in Kodai. The weather is beautiful and the sun brings welcome warmth with it; and life is at its busiest.

It is not possible for me to mention all that has taken place this month but I should mention the following:
- KIS students participated in the first IB Schools of India soccer tournament which we dominated with the boys winning the competition and the girls, in second place in theirs

- Christian Emphasis week was a joyous occasion when we were blessed by the presence of both an American group (Rainbow of Promise) and an Indian singing group (PARA). The concerts and other activities were wonderful
- This month has also seen the submission of extended essays, personal projects, World Literature papers and IB Math and ToK papers

I have just signed letters of congratulations to the 72 members of the Principal’s List and I can say that we are looking forward to the outcomes of the exams with some anticipation.
In addition, as I write, we are preparing for the music field trip and the beginning of the Field Day events; always highlights of our calendar.

This month has also seen a visit from Adrian Moody as part of his ongoing induction prior to his taking up the role of Principal in July 2010. It was a pleasure for us to have him back here at KIS and I know that he is looking forward to taking up his responsibilities with anticipation.

I hope the month of March will be good for us all and I look forward to being in contact again soon.

Geoff Fisher