Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Congratulations to Shanti Vedanayakam who has been awarded a PhD in Educational Administration from Lorenz University, USA.

Bettina Rieck (Class of 2006), a German exchange student to KIS, was touched profoundly by the SoEx program at KIS and as a result founded Nampu, a nonprofit organization in Germany. Nampu means "hope" or "believe" in Tamil. Bettina has gathered interested people to serve as members of this organization to raise funds for Shenbaganur Orphanage here in Kodaikanal. Partnering with the KIS SoEx department they have so far succeeded in building a cow shed, have worked to build toilets and supply other provisions for the children at the orphanage. If you would like to join Nampu or get more information, contact Bettina at: bettina_rieck@googlemail.com
Way to go Bettina!

Congratulations also to Atul Deshpande whose recent article on Amertya Sen's new book published in mid July, "The idea of Justice", will be published under the title "Justice - Amertya Sen's Alternative Approach" in a Marathi newspaper "Sakal" and a Marathi research journal "Arthasamvad".