Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Staff in KIS

KIS welcomes new staff to the KIS community as follows:
Beth Dagitses is from Michigan and joins the PE department. Her son, Aaron will be entering grade 9. Beth’s interests include community service, drama, school year book, soccer, student government and band.

Sonny Deenadayalan is a KIS alumnus (Class of ’81) and joins us as KISCO Coordinator. Sonny and his wife Nandini are joined by their two daughters Neha and Sruti who will be entering grade 5 and 9 respectively.

Alika Khosla joins KISCO as Development Officer. Alika enjoys camping, choir, drama, hiking, nature study, school magazine, school year book, debating and choir. She is living in her own home in Kodaikanal. Samanthea Laitflang, alumna from the class of ’97, joins the Learning Support department. Her interests include community service, drama, Sunday school, reading, writing, poetry and music. Sam comes with her husband, Gian Sealy (Class of ’96).
Sandhya Paul will be teaching Middle School Science. Her interests include community service, school magazine, sketching and cartooning.
Akila Rajagopalan joins the Mathematics department. Akila enjoys drama and Sunday school.

Stephen Smoot & Youngju Lee have come from South Korea. Stephen will be teaching English and Youngju joins the Second Language department. Stephen’s interests are camping, philosophy and chess. Youngju enjoys camping, hiking and painting. Stephen and Youngju have a daughter Hannah who will join grade 5.

Anita Solomon joins us to teach English in the Middle School. Anita enjoys community service, drama, school magazine year book, Sunday school, cooking and baking, worship leading and counseling. She is joined by her husband Daniel and sons, Joshua (grade 11), and Benjamin (grade 9).

Sadie Strange will be one of the dorm parents in Swedish House. Sadie enjoys cooking, baking, camping, choir, drama, community service, hiking, gardening and interior decoration. Sadie and her husband, Peter, who is already on staff as an English teacher, came to us from Sherwood College, Nainital.

Uma Sundarajan will teach Tamil and also Indian Dance. Her interests include community
service, drama, dance, music, yoga and badminton. Uma lives in her own home in Kodaikanal with her husband Vasudevan and children, Samyukta (grade 10) and Swati (grade 6).

· Zai Whitaker is back! She will resume her responsibilities as HoD, ESL department.

Travis Fondow comes to KIS as a volunteer for this academic year. Travis is from St Paul Minnesota. He will help in the Second Language department teaching Spanish. His interests include camping, community service, tennis, track & field, hiking and scuba diving.

Akansha Gupta (Class of 2000) is volunteering for this academic year and will provide administrative support in KISCO and the Alumni office. She enjoys camping, community service, drama, school magazine, year book, racquet sports and track and field.

Jonas Hauke comes from Hildesheim, Germany and will assist in the Social Experience department as a volunteer. He will also help with camping and activities.

Denton Josey is from Florida and will volunteer for this academic year. He will assist in the ESL department and also provide dorm support in Loch End dorm.

Coco Lammers is from the Netherlands and has come to KIS through Princeton in Asia. She will help in the ESL, Art and Music departments. Coco enjoys band, camping, community service, hiking, nature study, photography, school magazine, arts and yoga.

Mousumi Sinha Babu, Soumen’s wife, will be volunteering in the Social Studies department. Mousumi enjoys camping, choir community service and hiking. Mousumi and Soumen have two children, Ayaneel (grade 2) and Archit (PS).

Laure Stevens-Lubin is from the US and she joins the English department as a volunteer for this academic year. Laure will help with Journalism, Creative Writing and Art. She is here with her husband Timothy and their children, Jacob (grade 10) and Leo (grade 11). Laure’s interests are photography, school year book & magazine, community service, drama, nature study, hiking and equitation.

Archana Trivedi has joined us as a volunteer and will be teaching Hindi in the Elementary School. Archana and her husband Pramod, (Hindi teacher and HoD Second Languages department) have two sons, Ashish (PL) and Pravar (PS).