Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the Vice Principal's office

Highlights of KIS Diploma May 2009
  • Highest number of students since 2003 doing KIS Diploma (105)
  • All students were awarded the KIS Diploma
  • Amy Kim, the valedictorian for 2009, had a cumulative GPA of 3.887 and her cumulative credit was 333.5
  • 50.48% of students were in the category ranging from excellent to good
  • In 2009 the 7 students in the excellent category did the full IB Diploma
  • In the very good category 10 out of the 11 students did the full IB Diploma (the remaining student took IB certificates in 4 subjects

Cumulative Credit requirement analysis (grades 9-12) for the Class of 2009

  • Minimum credit requirement for the KIS Diploma is 235 (from next year it will be 250) which in itself reflects a holistic approach to education
  • All students got more than the minimum of 235 credits
  • The bulk of students have secured cumulative credit requirement between the 261-340 range (54/105 students)
  • This reflects our students’ desire to go beyond the minimum credit requirement for the KIS Diploma
  • The highest credits gained by any student was 380 cumulative credits
  • Those who are part of the KIS Diploma program from grade 9 tend to earn more credits while those students who join in grade 11 (due to the stipulated minimum transfer credit of 60 for grades 9 and 10) secure less