Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 40 miler

The long weekend in the beginning of October was the date for another 40 mile hike! Most people had only just recovered from the fieldtrip and here we are, off again!

We had a very small hiking group this year, only 5 boys from grade 7, accompanied by 4 lady chaperones and our guide, Peter. On our first day the weather was overcast, with bouts of drizzle and varying patterns of fast moving clouds, which at times gave us some wonderful views! The damp weather was of course ideal for leeches and we met quite a lot of them along our way. Some of them liked us so much, they just wouldn't let go and they held on all the way to Poondi camp, where we parted with them (and our (very) bloody socks)!

At night none of us slept much as the wind took off and we were lying awake, wondering whether the tent would collapse, a tree would land on us etc. The boys were up before 6 am and us, chaperones, joined them for our first cup of tea. All the tent poles had come down, but luckily no trees, so we set about resurrecting poles, tarps and tents and then we went for a long walk, picking mushrooms and enjoying the sun which had come out by this time. After lunch the boys went rafting and had a great time. Late in the afternoon it started pouring and so no campfire, but the coal fire in the covered area was nice and cosy and we were fell over each other laughing at the very silly jokes we all came up with.

The next day we hiked all the way back , taking a different route with a different guide. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the kids wanted a car to take them up that steep hill, but we all enjoyed the many little breaks, sitting down in the many lovely spots on the way.

It was a wonderful hike and although we were of course tired, we really enjoyed our 3 days out!

Elly Oenema
HS Hiking Coordinator
HoD Health