Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Principal's Message

Though I have been more away than in Kodaikanal this past month I am happy to report that we have had an eventful month with the Kodai Basketball Open Tournament, the High School play, a US universities fair and workshops organized by the Council of International Schools and the many activities that filled our calendar. The Royal School of Music examinations begin next week and the Music department is very busy preparing for this. We are now fast approaching the end of semester and our students and staff are busier than ever. It is my pleasure to give below an introduction by Mr Adrian Moody, the incoming Principal.

I am very happy to have been afforded this opportunity to introduce myself to the Kodaikanal International School community. My name is Adrian Moody and I am from Australia. I left Melbourne in 1991 to work in international education. I am married to Gillian and have one daughter Beth who is nine years old.

During my career as an educator I have been fortunate to have experienced several different educational systems but more recently I have worked in New Zealand, Kazakhstan and Tanzania. I have also worked with several different programs, including the US and UK systems and the IBO PYP, MYP and Diploma programs. It is the mix of these experiences that has brought me to my current perspective on education. I strongly believe in the merits of the IBO programs. They are simply the best school programs available internationally.

It has been a great pleasure to have the opportunity to visit Kodai to meet the students, staff, administration as well as Council and Association members. I am fortunate to have been in Kodai at the beginning of field trip week to able to see students and staff off on various trips. The enthusiasm of both the staff and students is evident and this permeates the culture and the feeling of KIS. I was particularly impressed by the passion and devotion of the alumni and their continued and active support of KIS.

Education is an integral component for life. The education of children is a collaborative effort that involves the entire school community. Good schools have professional and consistent administrators and teachers, a broad curriculum available to all students, an ongoing assessment system that supports good instruction and a philosophy that says all children can learn if taught, coupled with high expectations for all students. There should be a school climate that is conducive to learning. It is safe, clean, caring and well organized.

There are continued challenges shaping contemporary approaches to leadership. The greatest challenge is to recognize these challenges, reflect of authentic leadership and to have the resolve and commitment to causes that are philosophically consequential. I am very conscious of the work that has gone before me. The energy and dedication of parents, the Principal, administration, staff and particularly the alumni together with the Association have guided KIS to its position today of being an internationally renowned, quality school offering a holistic, student centred education inspiring students to be lifelong learners. I hope to be able to continue the outstanding work that has been done to date.

I see the strength of KIS lies in its mission and its unity in diversity. My family and I are excited and looking forward to joining the KIS community in July. I look forward to meeting you all as the opportunity arises.
Adrian Moody
KIS Principal from July 2010