Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Press release EMOTE in Chennai


24 September, 2009 (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) – A team of twenty Kodaikanal International School EMOTE students created two original songs to test how multimedia can inspire public opinion and action. The 2009 EMOTE project is part of an educational arts-based initiative by KIS, which includes theatre, film, art and music students who use their talents to raise global awareness. The 2009 team, called Elysian Rhythm, seeks to use music and film to influence positive change for social and environmental issues facing our communities. The students chose the name because “Elysia” is a place of Greek myth origin which represents a place in heaven reserved for heroes. The “rhythm” is the heartbeat of the people, the music common to all people. They hope to champion many causes through their creative talents.

Elysian Rhythm arrived in Chennai on 19 September to record two original songs and film two music videos. After a whirlwind week of production, the product will be unveiled on Friday, 25 September at their CD/DVD Release Party and World Premiere. The release will take place at 7:00pm at the popular Sparky’s Diner, #15, East Spurtank Rd in Chetpet. The press and public are invited to enjoy a live performance by the group’s band members, who recorded and starred in the songs.

The first song, “Be With Me,” is inspired by the HIV-affected orphans of the Prathyasha Home for Hope in Vellanoor Village. The students, who visited the dozen children aged 5 to 11 on Saturday, enjoyed creating art cards and murals, playing games of football, and singing and filming the footage for the music video. Elysian Rhythm members hope the song and video will inspire donations which will help with the completion of the orphanage building and ongoing living expenses for up to fifty children. “It’s really overwhelming to think that as a simple high school student, I might be able to bring about positive change through my music,” says the humble Bangladeshi 16 year-old lead singer for the song , Ridi Kahn. “This has been an awesome experience, and I have learned so much. I hope I’ll be coming back again next year.” The orphanage is part of the Mellow Circle Prathyasha Trust and can be reached through

The second song was penned by 11th grade student, Jehan Katrak of Mumbai, who also leads the song and video. It hopes to bring public awareness to the issue of natural resource damage and displacement of indigenous villagers by the proliferation of increasing hydro-electric dam projects across India. “It was really hard work producing two songs and two videos in less than one week,” says Jehan, “but it will be totally worth it if we can help save even one village from losing their water sources or their homes.”

Two KIS Alumni from the class of 1990, Rekha and Shanki Mahendra, donated their prestigious Studio BrandedFilmz for the video shoot. Full rock show lights, lasers and fog machines filled the colorful sound stage as the camera carne swooped just inches from the student performers. Other footage was filmed in Kodaikanal and in and around Chennai. Some footage of North Indian dam project damage was supplied by the Tripathagamini “Save the Ganga” Appeal Project sponsored by the Aryamaan Ashram in Uttarkashi.

Elysian Rhythm team members hope that their songs will be well-received by the radio and television media, earning them enough airplay to influence people across the country. The 2009 EMOTE Project team is led by American film and theatre director, Ellen “Dash” Walter, who is currently the Head of Drama at KIS. She can be contacted for more information on the project or the band.

The press is cordially invited to attend the premiere launch ceremony. Please plan to attend to receive your advance copy of the CD and DVD.

Date: 25th September 2009
Venue: Sparky's Diner, East Spur Tank Road, Chennai
Time: 6:45 pm

Ellen “Dash” Walter
HoD Drama