Monday, March 29, 2010

Archives update

KIS Archives has a repository for the collection and preservation of historically valuable documents from 1901 onwards relating to the history of the school and the community. The collection consists largely of various types of correspondence, school administrative papers, internal communication reports, handbooks, newsletters, bulletins, newspaper articles, photographs, audio-visual materials etc. There are also some published and unpublished records on the history of KIS:

The History of the Kodaikanal School, by the group of 1933
· Donovan, Beatrice Witter: “Indian Shangri-La, The Yale Review”
· Wyckoff, Charlottee Chandler: “Kodaikanal 1845-1945”
· Lockwood, Dorothy: “Excerpts relating to Kodai School from Glimpses, 1929-1967”
· Photographs and papers on the histories of some of the KIS buildings

In addition to the school records we received a collection of photographs, slides and the stamp collection from Dr Nora Mitchell (former staff). We recently received some records from the KIS Margaret Eddy Chapel, consisting of Church Council minutes, correspondences, bulletins, chapel worship programs etc.

We welcome additional material. Donate your memorabilia to the KIS Archives. Your old photographs, yearbooks, letters and other memorabilia are valuable to us! Using a graphite pencil, lightly write brief identifying data on the back of the photograph (never on the front) including the full name of the person (if known) and time period when taken. The collections are carefully processed and preserved and will be kept in a secure environment, thanks to
donations from the Class of 1961. These collections are also accessible to alumni and other interested people.

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their valuable donations to the KIS Archives:
· Betty Swavely Granner (class of 1944)
· Charles G. Gosselink (Class of 1953)
· Eleanor Moyer Cunningham (Class of 1943)
· Harrison “Hank” Moyer (Class of 1944)
· Sam Schmitthenner (Class of 1944)

All told, the KIS Archives currently holds nearly 15,000 items.

Suvidha Sadasivan