Monday, March 29, 2010

Principal's message

I write this as I try to sort through the happenings of the last month. You will all have probably heard that last month we had a protest by the High School (grades 9 to 12) students over the course of a day. This was followed by the Chairman going up to Kodai to meet with the students and staff. I, sadly, have been observing this from the Netherlands and trying to think what I will need to do on my return to Kodai next month.

In the short term I am glad to say that life has returned to normal at the school. The students are back at work, the examinations loom and the other functions of the school are up and running smoothly. Some of the issues raised, namely discipline policy and communication, are in the process of being reviewed and those changes identified and agreed by the management have been implemented. What will take longer however is to dig down to find the background, to heal the wounds created by unwise or untruthful allegations and to move the community on. I look forward to being part of that process on my return. Until then I would ask that we all look to ourselves and to what we can contribute to the community as we set about preparing for next year and the arrival of the new Principal.

The community has in the meanwhile enjoyed various activities during the month.
• Alumni week was held in Kodaikanal early in March and a number of alumni visited and also participated in assemblies, some workshops, our Field Day events held on the 12-13 March and also the Alumni induction dinner for the Class of 2010
• The Fly Baba All India Ultimate Frisbie tournament was a huge success, enjoyed by all and with the KIS team “the Sholakadoos” , the undefeated winners
• The Middle School play, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was thoroughly enjoyed in an open air setting on the Middle School campus on Ganga compound
• The KIS soccer league is underway and the much awaited Kodai Open Soccer Tournament takes place in April

May I take this opportunity to wish the KIS community a happy and blessed Easter and a restful long weekend. There is much ahead in the second quarter of this final semester with the IB mocks coming up early in April and our seniors preparing for their graduation.

I look forward to writing to you again early in May when I return to Kodaikanal.

With very best wishes
Geoffrey Fisher