Monday, March 29, 2010

Text layout for people with learning difficulties

We recently received an email from Sue McBean, spouse of alumnus Dr Peter Langton Class of 55 who left Kodai after grade 7, concerning text layout for people with learning difficulties. She informs us, after her husband received a letter from KIS with justified right and left margins, that the majority of western academics have now agreed to stick to a policy of left justification of text in all areas of education in order to be non discriminatory to people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and also those with certain eye empediments such as nystagmus. These people find it very tiring to read words that are unevenly spaced.

It was decided to print this newsletter with left only justified margins in respect of these findings and a further discussion will take place among the academic staff members and within the IB forum through the Vice Principal in respect of academic documentation.

Penny Ohana
KISCO Officer